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Proceed With Caution: Crazy Talk Approaching

We are coming into the great season of real estate! It seems as though when March 1st hits, the light comes on and everything changes in the real estate market. In the particular market that I am in, Charlotte, NC, we have seen great sales and profit even through what used to be slow times – the winter. As I am exposed to masterminds, seminars and meetings nationwide I am finding that similar reactions are happening across the country.

What I am most amazed about is how easily we forget; how quickly the bad times disappear in our mind.  It’s almost as if we block it out on purpose. It is times like these that we need to be the most cautious.

New unseasoned investors are coming into the market day by day and they’re coming in droves. Those of us who are seasoned actually begin to believe everything we hear and see as if the past never happened.


“All things look great, prices keep going up, interest rates remain the same or barely rise, I might miss this deal if I don’t take it today.”


I have been very active in this business for 16 years and every day a good deal comes along in good times and bad.  We need to be patient and we need to be smart. It is more important now than ever to stick to your formula, stick to your goals, and stay focused on your WHY.

Don’t get caught up in the hype, excitement and shiny objects that come your way. Stay focused and continue to make smart moves. No one is immune to making mistakes and bad things happen to good, smart people all the time.  Keep that in mind, keep your head down, stick to your formula and continue to make good decisions.

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