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Dave Payerchin & Brett Snodgrass – Generous Genius | Florida Mastermind

North Carolina Hard Money Lenders Carolina Capital’s Bill Fairman, Wendy Sweet, and Jonathan Davis are joined by Brett Snodgrass and Dave Payerchin from Generous Genius.

Brett and Dave worked with Jason Medley from Collective Genius with the goal to make a difference in people’s lives.

They believe that with a profitable business comes blessings, and with those blessings come responsibility.

A responsibility to share those blessings in order to make a LASTING impact on the people and world around us.

Generous Genius is part of the fabric of Collective Genius to:

  • Scale Business
  • Build Wealth
  • Give Back

So essentially this is the giving back part of the process.

Bill Fairman (00:07):
We have Brett Snodgrass on, he was taking a big active role in that. We were supposed to have Dave Payerchin come in and talk to him. Oh, there he is! Dave typically always comes in at the last second guys.

Wendy Sweet (00:21):
Awesome job, Dave.

Bill Fairman (00:22):
We love you. You’re flagging any bigger than it was last night, usually. Dave, last night unveiled his future new larger project, he just hadn’t been able to put it on the wall yet.

Dave Payerchin (00:36):
Right here, everybody, we wave them proudly over here.

Brett Snodgrass (00:41):
Love it.

Wendy Sweet (00:41):
Awesome, I love it.

Bill Fairman (00:45):
So, all right. Who would like to go first? I want to talk about Generous Genius and all the different charities that we support and, you know what, Brett, since you’re getting an active role in here, I’m going to let you go first.

Brett Snodgrass (01:03):
No, thanks Bill and Wendy and Jonathan, appreciate you guys having me and I just actually got back from Collective Genius this morning. My plane left at 6:00 AM so I got back to Indiana Midwest here and just excited. Yeah. Awesome event with the Collective Genius. Got so much wisdom and nuggets out of it so I appreciate just all the knowledge but the Generous Genius, honestly, Dave he’s been kind of the face behind the Generous Genius for the past couple of years and I’ve just been kind of having some conversations with him in the background and you know, with him, and I’d say Dave, and talk to Jason Medley who runs the collective genius and I said, I’d like to make more of a difference in people’s lives and I’d like to be more involved because that’s really what makes me come alive, you know, making money and success in business. I love doing that, I love creating and I love building things, but really when it comes down to it, I really, you know, if I can just positively impact someone’s life, the way we’ve been able to deal with Generous Genius. I just want to really be a part of that and some of the things that I’ve been a part of and I’ve seen is, you know, we’ve been able to put a lot of missions trips together, we’ve built homes in Mexico, you know, I know there’s the least, you know, two times a year, there’s a group of the Collective Genius that goes down who build homes for a deserving family in Mexico and that’s one thing that we do. Last year, I got a chance to go on a missions trip and this was really cool. It’s to Guatemala and we stayed in an orphanage over there and we built a home as well and we got to feed children and the extreme poverish part of Guatemala and I’ve been able to link up with that prompt charity organization and try to them as well. I’m getting ready to go to Guatemala here again in two weeks so I’ve been coming more involved with that organization and I think it just, you know, and Dave can tell you about his organization that he’s a part of about helping families pay their medical bills that the insurance companies will cover and I’ll let him kind of talk about that cause he’s a big part of that but I just, you know, as entrepreneurs, I think that I heard this one time that if we have the ability, we have the responsibility to make a difference and to help and I think as an entrepreneur, you know, I’ve learned so many skills about building business, about creating something, about thinking logically and putting the puzzle together, right? And business, you can relate that to a lot of different things and there’s a lot of amazing organizations out there that have amazing hearts. They want to do still good, they want to make a difference, but sometimes they lack the resources of money or they lack the knowledge and the wisdom of putting the puzzle together and I think as entrepreneurs, if we can just get behind that, I think that we can do an amazing things and I think that’s what the Generous Genius does and I think, this is just the beginning. So we’re like at base camp and I think we’re going to do some amazing things for the world here and so, can’t wait.

Wendy Sweet (04:20):
Amen. That’s awesome.

Brett Snodgrass (04:24):


Dave Payerchin (04:25):
Hey guys. Thank you. Thank you, Wendy. [Inaudible] here, asked him to join so thanks for making it Brett as well. And I wasn’t able to make it to the Collective Genius live but I was there virtually and it has been a busy a little run here but you know, I’ve been talking to Brett quite a bit offline and really, I got involved with the generous genius because, you know, there are a lot of organizations out there who, you know, they take your money and they’ll take a check and stuff like that but I just kind of wanted to add a little accountability and kind of keep it in the family as far as like, make sure that organizations that were getting behind are doing the right thing with the money and that’s really where it all came from and, you know, I still very much am in the real estate business. We are rocking and rolling on that front and Brett approached me and, you know, I got the opportunity to go down to Guatemala with Brad and another group of us CG’s and we were exposed to a really, really solid foundation, it’s called Forever Changed International and actually, the people who run it we met from another Mastermind group that Wendy and Bill and myself are a part of it, I’m wearing the shirt here, Freedom Founders. Got freedom if you can see live but if you Cinda Rocker and Jim Rocker are phenomenal members of Freedom Founders and they’re people that I personally do business with, I’ve traveled with them and they’ve run the foundation, the orphanage down in Guatemala and then, you know, Brett and I were there together, you know, can’t stop talking. A lot of people brought their kids and it was a tremendous experience and then since then, you know, I’ve just, you know, have my head down and still rocking and rolling in real estate and Brett approached me and he’s like, you know, I want to take a more active role, I want to start maybe running some trips down there. He’s still in communication with Jim and Cinda and I said, Brett, absolutely. I will get behind this thing because you need energy, you know? And basically I think, you know, Brett’s been praying about this a long time and Brett actually stepped up when we were in Guatemala and he led some great prayer services and we prayed together and I just feel like Brett is gonna really, you know, take his life in a whole new direction and if I can help that, I’m definitely behind that and I’m excited so I think what’s coming here, guys, a little sneak peek preview, I think Mr. Snodgrass is probably going to be running some trips down to Guatemala here and you guys are going to get the opportunity to experience what we have already experienced and it is life changing. Not only the kids that you’re helping out and Bill, I think we talked about this offline, the perspective that you get, I mean, you know, you see, an American flag behind me and I love my country and I love my country even more when I come back from extreme poverty. I see exactly how people live in other parts of the world and just realize how good we got it and I really liked what you said there as well, Brett, I mean, as entrepreneurs, as difference makers, as people who have taken responsibility for their life and their business and who are getting out there and get getting after it, it is our responsibility to help those below us and keep learning from those above us and that’s what we’re here to do so I’m just extremely grateful to be here. Wendy and Bill, you guys are good friends of mine and I’m super stoked to have the opportunity to be on your live stream today.

Wendy Sweet (08:00):
That’s awesome. You know, there’s a trip coming up, I think real shortly here. Is it in November that they’re going down, Brett?

Brett Snodgrass (08:09):
We’re actually leaving October the second, so I feel like real soon.

Wendy Sweet (08:13):
That’s awesome. So when you’re talking about this, you don’t have to be a member of Collective Genius to join up and go down on any one of these trips, isn’t that correct? Is there a URL they can hook up with?

Brett Snodgrass (08:27):
Yeah. I mean, if anyone’s interested, I can link you up with Jim and send out who run the organization and they’re looking for people to experience this. I mean, their organization is very young and just like any business, it’s like a young business, you know, and now they’re looking for people to get involved and for ideas and resources as well and they want people to just experience it. I think it’s one thing to write a check and to raise money at an event and see a picture of you know, of what’s going on down there but it’s another thing just to experience it to, you know, bring yourself there, to bring the emotion there, to see really what’s going on and I think that when you experience that you come back and, you know, like they’ve said forever, it’s changed. It’s like, you know, when I came back, it just like, I want to do something and I know, you know, you can do something small and maybe you can’t change everybody’s life but maybe you can change one family’s life.

Wendy Sweet (09:31):
That’s all it takes. It’s how it work.

Brett Snodgrass (09:34):
And if we all work together and, you know, and it takes all of us, right? And there’s so much need and I think that’s the biggest thing I get excited about is cause there’s like, there’s unlimited opportunity. It’s like, there’s no con, like we’re all in this together, you know, to help people and to make a difference in their lives and what more of a difference you can make by saving someone’s life, literally saving someone’s life. It’s just amazing.

Wendy Sweet (09:59):
That’s exactly right. And you know, what I think is really cool, I want to just bring up something that Dave said too is that he kept his head down still doing real estate but he is doing what he can to help someone else and change the world and I think as entrepreneurs, we’re always concerned about, you know, we eat what we kill. So, you know, you gotta work to have money come in but one of the things that I’ve found in our company cause we are really, really focused on doing the Lord’s work and making sure that everything we do that we’re following in the path that he has us on and one of the things that we found is that he’s capable of taking care of our business, he does way better at it than we do and if we really focus, in anything that we do in our lives, if we really focus on others and helping them, our own personal stuff kind of takes care of itself, doesn’t it?

Brett Snodgrass (11:05):

Dave Payerchin (11:07):
If I may jump in one thing, you know, then you guys hear it all the time and Bill, I know, and Wendy, I think you, did you go to Mexico as well with Scott Meyer?

Wendy Sweet (11:15):
I didn’t go to Mexico. I go to Africa on my trips, but yeah.

Dave Payerchin (11:19):
You good. I know you guys around moving in and you guys can vouch for this. A big thing is, a lot of people say, you know, I would love to do something like that but there’s this interfere. They say, Oh, I don’t know, is it safe? You know, and I would just want to keep bunk immediately, especially in Brett got to speak on our Guatemala experience it is incredibly safe. In fact, I ate better in Guatemala than I do at home, here. I want to stay, I slept better, I ate better, It is clean. We’re not getting eaten up by bugs, we’re eating very good food and it’s safe. I mean we have, we’re in a gated community as a matter of fact. I mean, Brett, you remember. So I just want to do this get deep on this and if anyone’s interested, definitely, and in fact, we talked to Brett but it is completely safe and you’re really making a big difference, it’s going to give you a whole new perspective but yeah, the whole like fear, I think a lot of that’s the media and they say, Oh, you never leave and there’s trying to trap you. It is very safe. You’re welcomed with open arms, guys and it is an extremely safe experience.

Wendy Sweet (12:21):
Talk about the length of the trip

Bill Fairman (12:23):
Yeah. I’m sorry. Hang on. I found in Mexico specifically, that the vast majority of the people with machine guns worked for the government so it was okay.

Dave Payerchin (12:32):

Bill Fairman (12:34):
Just kidding.

Wendy Sweet (12:36):
That’s not helping. Talk about the length of the trip and how long people can expect to be gone because a lot of people are saying, well, I can’t take two weeks off or even a whole week off so talk a little bit about that.

Dave Payerchin (12:49):
Take it away, Brett.

Brett Snodgrass (12:51):
Yeah. Well, I know they’re doing a couple of different options to Guatemala. So this next trip, the one that’s coming up October the second, which is if anyone’s interested, they are, there’s I think maybe three or four spots open. So I know it’s pretty short notice but if anyone’s interested, there’s three spots open and this is a very short trip. It’s actually called a field trip and it’s more of learning and experiencing and you’re going to be serving too and, but it’s more of a, kind of a learning trip. So it’s a four day trip and so they’re going to be doing some of those field trips down there, four days. It’s like a Thursday through Sunday or a Friday through Tuesday, something like that or Monday, so like four day trip, field trip and you learn, so you go see some of the things they’re doing and just kind of learning about it and I think sometimes as Americans, we go over to these other countries on these missions trips and we’re like set to the agenda, we got to get something done, we got to build this house in a week and we got to go, go, go, go and it’s just super busy and your just pedal to the metal the entire time and you don’t really get to experience what is really going on because you’re so entrenched on getting the project done because that’s what we do in America, right? But actually, if you go to these other countries, a lot of them, they want you to help, but a lot of them are a little bit different. They actually want you to get to know them. They want you to get to know their culture and what they do and they want to be screened and that’s why you go to Mexico and you know, the aunt comes over and the guy’s late because his aunt came over and he talked to her for four hours, right? And nothing had for the future. So a lot of times, you know, so that’s kind of what the real field trips are. It’s getting to know what they’re doing, learning about them, learning about the culture and then, you know, experiencing that but then they’re also going to do some different missions trips which are about a week long and then that is more of visiting the orphanage, building a home and I would say if you’re interested at all, I’ll try one of these field trips like we’re doing in October.

Wendy Sweet (14:59):

Bill Fairman (14:59):
Yeah. The same thing happens with the Mexico trips. We typically play in the San Diego on a Friday. We get on a bus and we go down to Ensenada Mexico, where we’re typically staying at a pretty nice hotel, get settled in and have a little dinner. Next morning, we go over to the base camp, we get our orientation, we build most of the house and then come back on Sunday and finish it up and I’m telling you that those are the, what gets to me is you’ve got people that are really impoverished and yet all the kids, they have no idea they’re impoverished. They have big smiles on their face, they were playing just like any other kids would, right?

Wendy Sweet (15:51):
Yep, they’re loving on you.

Bill Fairman (15:52):
And as much as we want to help others and you’re thinking about this, well, we are here. Here’s one perspective for me when, I got back, obviously, it changed me completely because now my little itsy-bitsy problems are first world problems. They don’t mean a hill of beans, it has nothing to do with whether I’m going to survive the day or not but we also have a need for a charity in our own country. So I don’t want to gloss over that either. So, Dave, can you bring up a little bit about what the group is doing internally here in the US as well?

Dave Payerchin (16:34):

Wendy Sweet (16:35):
You went to play a video.

Dave Payerchin (16:40):
Yes. where are you going to play a video? Is that what you’re? I’m not sure who’s in control there. That’s not me

Bill Fairman (16:46):
Well, it’s not me either, it just came on its own.

Wendy Sweet (16:47):
Yeah, that’s Scott Paton. Our guy who does everything,

Dave Payerchin (16:56):
Oh, very nice. The man behind the curtain, picture of wizard of Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Bill Fairman (17:04):
And he just followed the website, I don’t think there was a video coming so

Dave Payerchin (17:08):
Well, here’s the deal guys. I mean, the whole can we all agree that the whole medical system in the US is for lack of a better term, a crap of shit? Are we okay with that in the live? It really is. And there’s a lot of families out there in need and you know what, Lindsey, my better half, she co-founded and operates the Lenn Foundation, it’s a L E N N. The Lenn foundation and I was gonna give you a little example here. These are some of the kids that, you know, we’ve helped.

Wendy Sweet (17:43):

Dave Payerchin (17:45):
These are kids born with cerebral palsy. Some are born with cerebral palsy and, you know, they have a tough time and these are just regular good, old fashioned American families who work their job, and they are expecting a child and guess what? The child is born with cerebral palsy. It is what it is and God works in mysterious ways and a lot of these families, you know, their insurance is not covering even the basic needs to improve and kind of help these children live a normal life like walking and talking and, you know, this is like stuff that’s extremely important just to kind of help these child develop and the insurance companies don’t pay for it. So the Lenn foundation is a foundation that raises money for these families. These are all families right here in the US of A and it’s basically just helping out families where the insurance companies stop. That’s where they start, you know, and I think it’s a very valid cause and, but yeah. I mean, I’ve got the opportunity just through Lindsay to meet a lot of these families and I mean, their stories are incredible. Nobody asks for that kind of thing and, you know, it’s always a blessing in disguise but sometimes it’s extremely difficult for the families and the Lenn foundations just kind of softens that blow financially where the insurance companies are not helping out.

Bill Fairman (19:13):
Excellent. So I’m going to do a little speed around here. We are talking about charity but charity begins at home. So Brett, come on up here on the screen. If you don’t mind Scott, unless he’s getting his lunch and he’s not listening. So Brett really quickly, talk about your, what it is you do and how people can get in touch with you about your business. You are in the real estate business.

Brett Snodgrass (19:45):
Yes, yes, I am. So our company is called Simple Wholesaling. We are more of a wholesaling company and we do some owner seller financing as well and we’re out of Indianapolis, Indiana. So our website is simplewholesaling.com or you can find me on Facebook, I think is probably the easiest way, it’s Brett Snodgrass. Just look me up on Facebook, you don’t get that name a lot, Snodgrass. It’s weird, the breast, not grass and then, yeah, so we do a real estate. I’ve been doing real estate for 13 years and we do about 250 to 300 houses a year. So we had a really solid business here in Indianapolis and I have a great team and recently I promoted Brian Snyder who’s a CEO now of our company. So for the last three and a half months, I’ve been kind of in the owner’s box. I own the company but I haven’t been directly involved so you guys talk about Freedom Founders and so this is, I’m getting a taste of that right now, which is awesome and that’s kind of what led to reach out the day, say, Hey Dave, I have freedom but I still want to make a difference and that’s kind of, I guess I was uncomfortable by being so comfortable, I guess.

Bill Fairman (20:58):
Well, that definitely makes sense. So people can reach out to you those ways as well, to getting them involved in the Guatemala trip and other charities you’re involved in.

Brett Snodgrass (21:13):

Bill Fairman (21:13):
Excellent. Dave, same thing with you, bud. I know you got a real estate business. You’re in the, I’m going to call it the great state of Columbus.

Dave Payerchin (21:22):
Yeah. I am, you know, we’re, I’m a real estate investor on a real estate company, just like Brett. There’s 12 of us total. I have a business partner, RJ Pepino and we specialize in the affordable housing business. So we target properties that have good rent to value ratios. We have a portfolio, North of a Hundred Rentals and we target price points really about between 100 and 225 and we buy houses, we renovate them, we rent them out and then we’ll either, you know, refinance or we’ll, you know, keep the private money in place. We work with lenders like you guys and we were a lot of private lenders but yeah, we’re just in the boring, affordable housing business lot with family rentals. Hey, but boring is the new, sexy is what I’ve been telling everybody. I keep it stay with everybody and I’m really happy with what we’ve been able to accomplish. We also wholesale quite a bit. We’ve sold a ton of turnkey properties in our career and really we’ve gotten away from that and just kind of hanging out into as much as we possibly can wholesaling the rest and yep. You can find me on Facebook as well, I think my name is on the screen, Dave Payerchin and we are going to be kind of putting ourselves out there. We created a brand and our brand is The CREAM and the CREAM stands for Cashflow Real Estate and Money and we will be launching a site here soon. So put it on your back burner for now until it’s launched but our website will be rise with TheCREAM.com.

Wendy Sweet (22:59):
Awesome. I love it. You know, when that takes place, we’ll have to have you on again.

Dave Payerchin (23:04):
I would love that.

Wendy Sweet (23:04):
So you can work that out and see how that goes, that’s pretty awesome. You know, another thing that I think is important for us to mention, we’re talking about Generous Genius. This group, Collective Genius has been such a blessing for us to be a part of and I know you guys feel the same way and who it’s connected with us in other respects is also just amazing that, you know, freedom founders being able to get into other incredible masterminds and rub shoulders with people that are so much smarter than us has been awesome but I mean, just a great example of who comes to these meetings. We, you know, we have a new guy, Josh Culler, who was introduced yesterday and we talked about, you know, what is your why? And his, why is to fund 100 missionaries. That’s his, why. You know, it wasn’t something personal. There’s a lot of people in our group that feel that way and really just want to give back. Isn’t that amazing that we’re exposed to that kind of stuff on a regular basis?

Dave Payerchin (24:16):
Yeah, and you know what, it starts at the top, if I may say, you know. It all starts with the top and somebody who deserves a big high five and a lot of recognition is Mr. Jason Medley.

Wendy Sweet (24:26):
Amen, that’s right.

Dave Payerchin (24:26):
Because he’s the one who brought us together. In fact, Freedom Founders was not an existing mastermind until until Mr. David Phelps, founder of Freedom Founders was a member of the collective genius. It really starts there and that’s why it’s the best. So I just want to give a big shout out to Jason Medley. Hopefully, he gets the opportunity to see this. You guys knocked it out of the park with this last event and the caliber of people like Josh Color and I got Josh Color coming out to Columbus on the 24th to kind of help us with this CREAM launch and content and, you know just every single meeting, there’s new people coming in. The caliber, the bar is raised so high. It makes us all better, I think. Wouldn’t, you guys agree?

Wendy Sweet (25:09):

Dave Payerchin (25:09):
You see these coming in and it’s like, okay, we are on the cutting edge and I’m just super grateful for Jason Medley and for the Collective Genius.

Wendy Sweet (25:18):
Me too. I agree a hundred percent. I remember the first meeting I came to, it was about 10 and a half years ago. Collective Genius was fairly, was really new. I think it might’ve been their second meeting. I was with Larry Gallons and we had a really great sales floor. We were buying and selling property like crazy and thought we were the bomb and we sat down in this room with, I don’t know, at that time, there were probably 20 other businesses that were in there and we’re listening to them talk and Larry leans over to me and goes, “I’m feeling pretty stupid about now, how about you?” I said, yep! it’s just amazing, the caliber of people that we just get to share life with. It’s really, really cool. And you too absolutely fall into that category. Thank you so much for being on here and sharing your story with us and just being so willing to give back. Thank you so much.

Brett Snodgrass (26:23):
Thanks Wendy, thanks Jonathan.

Bill Fairman (26:23):
Apparently, Wendy didn’t listen to the silence thing either. Sometimes it’s good to be quiet

Dave Payerchin (26:34):
Yeah, that training’s not going to work for me. I’m like, hopefully you’re taking notes here because I don’t know how I’m going to pale back.

Wendy Sweet (26:42):
You know what? The other thing we talked about was being assertive and how your tone. It doesn’t matter what words you say but the tone that you use makes all the difference and that’s my issue is my tone. I try to use nice words for my toners. Like, let’s get it done, I’m ready to go! I need to work on that.

Dave Payerchin (27:01):
We did out did our call today and I tried to practice some of what we learned so I slowed things down and then somebody said to me is like, “David, I think something’s wrong with your audio. We’re not used to it, you’re all slow.” They’re like, “Are you on mute?” No, I’m listening. They’re like, “We’re not used to that. Bring back the old Dave.”

Brett Snodgrass (27:21):
Yeah, we learned something Dave

Bill Fairman (27:26):
I come here in slow motion. Those pills finally kick in.

Wendy Sweet (27:33):
That’s right.

Bill Fairman (27:34):
All right, guys. Thank you so much for your time. As a matter of fact, I got Lione coming up here in a few minutes. Of course, like everyone else he’s late. I won’t say that everyone else because Brett was here early.

Dave Payerchin (27:46):
I was furious that it was backstage, Bill.

Wendy Sweet (27:48):
He’s in a green room.

Bill Fairman (27:48):
He’s busy picking out the green M and M’s.

Dave Payerchin (27:57):
I was at the green room, okay? I was enjoying the order and really getting ready for the star here.

Bill Fairman (28:02):
All right, guys. Thank you so much for joining us.

Brett Snodgrass (28:06):
Thanks guys.

Bill Fairman (28:08):
Hopefully Brett, we’ll get to see you soon. I know Dave, we’re on the Freedom Founders stream.

Wendy Sweet (28:16):
So we’ll sneak in the night.

Bill Fairman (28:16):
Or the, yeah there’s still rooms so we’ll see you for the next three days.

Dave Payerchin (28:23):
looking forward to it, guys. Thanks so much.

Bill Fairman (28:24):
Alright thank you.

Wendy Sweet (28:25):
Thank you.

Brett Snodgrass (28:25):
Thanks guys.

Bill Fairman (28:25):
Take care

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