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How does the program work?


We loan money in metropolitan areas within North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and select areas of Florida, with a few exceptions, to people who buy single family residences (SFR’s), Multi-Family properties, 5 + Unit apartment complexes, Mixed-Use properties and Multi-Tenanted Commercial property. These investors then fix up the properties and sell them or refinance them to rent out. We work very hard to fund quickly so that you can demand large discounts from your sellers. Our program is very good for people who can buy right, fix a property up quickly, and then get it re-sold or refinanced.

In a nutshell, there are three easy steps to our loan process:

  1. Submit an application to get pre-approved.
  2. Find a property, get it under contract and prepare a cost estimate for repairs using the worksheet we will provide.
  3. Send us the information and then we process and close the loan if the investor and property qualifies.
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