What paperwork do I need?

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What paperwork do I need?


Fill out the online application. We will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your application and inform you of additional documentation that may be needed.

As a general rule we will need:

  • Copy of SSN and Driver’s License/Passport
  • Financial Documents: Last 2 years of tax returns, last three months bank statements and two most recent statements for any stock bonds, IRA, 401K, and annuities.
  • LLC Documents: Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, EIN/Tax ID Document, Certificate of Good Standing and completed W-9.
  • Signed Disclosures that we provide: Closing Disclosure, Background Report Authorization, Borrower’s Rehab Loan Disclosure, Credit Report Authorization and Release, Draw Schedule Disclosure and Loan Fraud Disclosure
  • Purchase or Assignment Contract
  • Completed Repair List (we provide)
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