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In this episode of Active Income, Passive Wealth Show of Carolina Hard Money, Wendy is doing something different.

For those who are familiar with this show, you should have known by now that Wendy and the Carolina Hard Money’s group really care about building the Kingdom of God. Not only through work but with every possible chance that they can to help spread the Word of God.

On a personal note, Wendy has a heart for Africa, particularly, Tanzania and the Maasai people.

In Wendy’s previous visit to Africa, they ministered to about 150 to 200 people.

Her special guest in today’s show is Pastor Dale who is going to Africa and for his trip, they are targeting to add more people, expecting almost 3,500.

With everything that is happening in our world right now, Wendy just wanted to take some time to share with you what’s going to the Maasai people.

All of us experienced a difficult year with Covid-19 and all the crazy stuff that had happened. People in different places are hurting.

Although we can give money, feed people, and provide jobs, the most important thing that we can do for them is giving them Faith.

If you want to learn more about the Maasai people of Africa and how you can help them, or even if you are someone looking for guidance, watch this video. We hope this can help to lift up your spirit.

Wendy Sweet (00:03):

Hi, this is Wendy sweet. I’m so glad to have you here and I’m sorry, I’m late. We appreciate for you hanging out for us today. We had a little mix-up in some of the information that I sent out. It wasn’t as clear as it needed to be, so we lost one of our guests, but we’ve got one here now. So I’m really glad about that. You are on our alternative podcast, which is Active Income, Passive Wealth and I’m so glad that you are here today. You know, while you’re listening to us, please hit the subscribe, like us, hit the bell. Tell all your friends, share us with other people. Cause we love to just spread the truth about real estate estate investing and we’re doing something a little bit different today, which I’m really, really excited about. Of course, if you want to get in touch with us, you’re going to go to CarolinaHardMoney.com. If you are a lender, just click on the lender tab. If you want to learn more about hard money, about hard money borrowing, just click on the borrower tab and we can get that information out to you. So thank you so much and while we’re talking, absolutely ask questions, you can do that in, in the chat. It could be down at the bottom of your screen or over to the side of the screen. It just depends on what platform you’re watching us on but ask any questions, we’d love to share, we would love to share that with you. So today we are doing something a little bit different. You all have, have listened to us enough to know that we really care about building the kingdom of God and we’re not only doing that through our company, but we participate in everything we possibly can to spread the word and you may or may not have heard that. I kind of have a heart for Africa, Tanzania in particular and the mass eye people and we have just the pleasure of having a guest on today that is actually going over to Africa. And, you know, last time I was there, I think we ministered in front of maybe 150 to 200 people out there in the desert and we’re adding zeros to that on this trip, we expect up to 3,500 people, on this next trip and we’re really, really excited about it, but I really wanted to take some time. So that we could share with you, what’s going on over there. You know, we’ve had such a difficult year. We all have with, with COVID-19 all the crazy stuff that has been going on and, you know, there’s a lot of people that are hurting out there and the, you know, we can give money and we can feed people and we can give them jobs and we can do all kinds of things like that. But the most important thing we can do for them is give them Jesus and show them, really the importance of being able to dedicate your life to Jesus and understand that there’s a savior there that can truly change your world no matter what circumstance you’re in, right? So anyway, I’ve really wanted to bring the information about this to you and I’m going to introduce a dear friend of mine and his name is Dale Jensen, pastor Dale. He and his wife are lenders and that’s how I really got to know them. They’ve become very dear friends of mine and Dale is heading up the trip over there this time right now. Right, Dale?

Pastor Dale (04:08):

Well, I don’t know about heading it up, but I’m part of it

Wendy Sweet (04:12):

And a big part of it. Actually, his wife Sue is the one heading up everything. She’s the go getter. And Sue is on the show just a few weeks ago as one of our lenders talking about lending and why she got into it and that’s really interesting story. So if you get a chance, you need to look at that show. In fact, we can probably find what numbers show that as if you want to go back and look at it but Dale, I would love for you to just take a little bit of time and tell us to, you know, give us your testimony, tell us how you got started and, really, and being a believer about your church in New York and just give us a little bit of your life.

Pastor Dale (04:56):

So I came from an atheistic family so I didn’t grow up with Christian tradition or anything. In fact, morals were pretty poor and through a lot of circumstances I was confronted with my own pride, my own anger. I was driving a motorcycle about 55 miles an hour, hit water, a water plane and was, I knew it was going to hit a car and I didn’t figure I was gonna make it out of it and some people had witnessed to me shared Christ with me. So I kind of did one of those shotgun prayers. I said, God, if you’re real, and you get me out of this, I’ll seek you and I hit the car going 55, slid for about a hundred yards, got knocked out, like crazy and when I came to, there was about 200 people around me that thought they thought I was dead. They had called the ambulance, it was there and I didn’t have a scratch on me. I didn’t have a bruise, didn’t have a broken bone. I had nothing and I got up and I was just shaking. That I was out of this without being hurt and I started thinking, well, maybe God’s real and maybe he really is who he says he is, but I was going to school at the time and when I got through school, all my friends had told me, you’re the most brilliant motorcycle rider ever. Nobody’s ever been able to do this and so by the end of the day, I was pumped up like a Christmas Turkey and I thought there is no God it’s all me. It was my skill. It was my ability, but two to three weeks later, I’m on another motorcycle with another guy in the back of my bike, 45 miles an hour, mountain terms and the ladies coming down the Hill, Buick electorate on my side of the road, 45 miles an hour, and I hit her head on and you would think I’d go right through the windshield. My bike went underneath the car and instead I got shoved with my friend up a Hill, about 200 feet up the Hill, straight up from the car, which was physically impossible and we must’ve got knocked out because when we came to, we said, how do we get here? And, um, all I saw was my bike was mangled to the second time, ran down the Hill, cussing and swearing and I’m gonna, I’m gonna rip this lady out of the car and I swear, I heard an audible voice, and this is what it said. No more chances.

Wendy Sweet (07:24):


Pastor Dale (07:26):

Dropped to my knees and that was the beginning of my journey with Christ and since then, I’ve probably been in about 40 different nations ministering in different capacities, planted six different churches and I’ve seen the miraculous hand of God every step of the way

Wendy Sweet (07:45):

That is. That’s amazing. That that’s absolutely amazing. And I love that it had to happen twice.

Pastor Dale (07:52):

Some of us we’re thick headed.

Wendy Sweet (07:55):

That is really, really neat. So, after, you were young, when that happened, you were still in, not that you’re not young now

Pastor Dale (08:06):

I’m not. I’m at the old section. With this, I’m 68 and that was when I was 18.

Wendy Sweet (08:11):

Wow. Wow. So from there you were in California at the time, right?

Pastor Dale (08:17):

I was raised in California. I was in California after about 18, then I started doing a lot of traveling.

Wendy Sweet (08:24):

Gotcha. So how did you meet Sue, your wife?

Pastor Dale (08:27):

So I by this time, I’m about 10 years old in the Lord. I’m teaching in different countries around the world, actually in Sweden, I get a call that I need to come home to be part of a leadership meeting. I get home to the church and I’m going to, it’s about a thousand people, all hippies and surfers and craziness, and Sue was looking for a discipleship school. She heard that my name and two other guys that she knew we’re going to do a discipleship school. So she came from Connecticut to California, met in church. And as soon as I saw her, the Lord said, this is your woman. We never dated, I never took her out on a date. Never told her I was interested. Just watched how she lived, looked at her character and, finally, after a year with a lot of counsel, I said, would you go out to breakfast with me? And she said, sure, went out to breakfast and I said, would you marry me? And I gave her the whole history,

Wendy Sweet (09:28):

You’re kidding me!

Pastor Dale (09:28):

She knew me because of the leadership that I have done in the church and I was doing a discipleship school, which he was a part of. So we both saw each other working, but it was never for the purpose of relationship.

Wendy Sweet (09:42):

That is so neat that we met is absolutely God’s hand working on that one. I know Sue told me a story one time that I absolutely love when you guys got married out in California, you drove to I guess, New York or Connecticut where her family was from and they did a little party for ya. A little reception for your wedding, and you were getting ready to go abroad again and, you, you needed, I think exactly a thousand dollars

Pastor Dale (10:15):

Was actually a little bit more than that and so all of her Sue’s relatives were giving us cards and money and we got, I don’t know, it was just under like a hundred dollars under and I said, somebody holding out Sue’s mom got really mad.

Wendy Sweet (10:33):

I can imagine!

Pastor Dale (10:34):

Because we prayed for a specific number and God gave us a specific amount and also she says, I have a letter from your aunt and she went and got, it was the exact same money.

Wendy Sweet (10:45):

Got you to the right amount.

Pastor Dale (10:47):

Her mom’s mouth dropped. She was a good Catholic woman, but she didn’t know supernatural. And she didn’t know trusting God in that way.

Wendy Sweet (10:54):

That is so neat. I love that story. I think as soon as I’ll full of great stories, I love hearing all of them. And so talk a little bit about how you and Russ connected and talk and talk a little bit about Russ. Russ is another minister that’s going with you. Right?

Pastor Dale (11:11):

Right. He and I are the ones that are going to be doing the teaching and preaching. So I had a church in New York that church had been going for about eight years and got a call that said, you ought to meet my cousin, or I can’t even remember what relationship was. And he said, let me put him on the phone. So he put them on the phone and he was in New York. I talked to him for about 10 minutes. I said, I’d like to meet you. Let’s get together and talk. So we met and instantly there was a bond. I don’t trust people real fast. I need to get to know them. But there was something I knew about his character and about who he was and that started a journey that we’ve known each other now for like 35 years, he considers me his spiritual dad, even though I’m 10 years younger than him, we’ve ministered all around the world together. He has a ministry called Joshua nations, takes a three-year Bible college into a third world countries that you can plug in so people can learn to trust the word, learn to read the word and be changed. So we’ve done lots of stuff together.

Wendy Sweet (12:19):

Can you tell the story about how he got ahold of that program?

Pastor Dale (12:26):

Yeah, it’s a, I’m sure I don’t get all the details right. But Russ works in a lot of third world countries but never in any Spanish countries, it’s mostly Eastern Europe and Asia and he’s on this plane and he’s going to a conference. I think it was down in somewhere in Dallas, somewhere. And his son works for United airlines. So it gets him free airline tickets. And he was in first class and he was sitting next to this really nice lady. She was all dressed out and she says, so what do you do for work? And he says, well, I’m a missionary. I do these different things. And she says, just a second, opens up a briefcase, hands him a DVD. And she said, I want to give you a three-year Bible course that my husband and I took 40 years to develop and we just translated into Spanish and Russ says, well, I really don’t need that. You should give it to somebody else because I don’t deal with Spanish people. She says, trust me, you will. He gets off the plane, goes to the conference. You know, as everybody’s doing their, they’re asking God to reveal themselves and show them what they want to do for the next year and he sits next to this little Spanish guy comes to find out this man had ministered all through central America. He was Puerto Rican, had huge crusades of 25, 35, 50,000 people getting healed, people getting saved and he was living in Colorado, walked out of a Dunkin donut, hit his head on an abutment on the ground and he was in a coma. They were going to pull the plug because they thought he was going to die after a number of months and he came to, but he couldn’t remember who he was, where he was or nothing and so for the next five to seven years, he’s just an angry little guy who can’t figure out who he is. Doesn’t even know his own wife. And there’s a couple down in Texas who, they’re not big leaders. They’re not elders, they’re not pastors. They in a prayer meeting and the Lord said, go up to Denver, Colorado. You’re going to go to this little Bible study and you’re going to lay your hands on. This is grabbing me right now. You’re going to lay your hands on this little man and he’s going to be healed out of obedience. They go up to Denver, they find this little Bible study and he would never go in public. But this one night he says to his wife, I’ll go, but leave me alone .He’s in the corner of the room. They go in there. They’ll lay hands instantly. He’s healed. He remembers everything. But now he’s an old man. He doesn’t know how to minister. He says, God, I can’t go out this way. I need the minister. So he finds a way to minister down in Cuba. This has to be like 10 years ago or so and he’s down in Cuba. He’s trying to do the work, but he doesn’t have the energy anymore. He’s at this conference where Russ is and he’s been praying, God, give me one man who will change this country. Russ is right there and Russ to come to Cuba and since that time Russ has graduated at, I think 47,000 students in Cuba, we’ve all gone through this three-year course and Revival’s happening. It’s all underground, the government is not really a privy to what’s going on, but it’s a grassroots thing and that’s what Russ has been involved in probably for the last 10, 15 years.

Wendy Sweet (15:55):

Wow. That’s incredible. What an incredible story. What a great story. I’ve been to Cuba. I love that place. It’s really, really, it’s just amazing and it’s so different than any other place you’ll go cause it’s like going back into the fifties, it’s just,

Pastor Dale (16:12):

Except now it looks like world war II. It’s devastating.

Wendy Sweet (16:17):

Yeah. It’s sad. Now, and you’ve been to Cuba, right? You’ve been doing [Inaudible]

Pastor Dale (16:23):

Yep. Ministered there. It was great being amongst those people. They’re so hungry. Every service that I taught in, there would be about eight government performance to a rat on me. If I said anything about the government but it was, it was great. I mean, we had people packing these churches out and hanging on the windows outside, trying to listen to the word of God. That was, it’s amazing when you go to countries like this who have very little and when they get anything that’s right from the heart of God, they’re just hungry for it, we take things for granted too much

Wendy Sweet (17:01):

Yes. Yes we do. And I think what we’ve been through, you know, going through COVID this year. I think it’s been a great opportunity for people to get to know the Lord and to just have to press into him big because of all the stress and just everything that’s been happening. It’s been, I think it’s been a blessing for us. I know it’s caused a lot of terrible things for a lot of people. I mean, including in our, in my own family, but, yeah, I think it’s been a blessing for us as, as a nation to have this presented in front of us because it’s really, it’s forcing the closet Christians to step out and stop being lukewarm.

Pastor Dale (17:46):

Right. It’s it’s really, I talked a lot of pastors. I mentor a good number of pastors and, you know, they tell me about the worries and the difficulties they have. And I said, listen, you got to understand something. God is not only pruning the world. He’s pruning the church and pruning is God is cutting back what we thought was really healthy and good, which really wasn’t and now he’s bringing out the reality. If you’re going to be a believer, it’s going to cost you. It was free before, it’s not going to be free anymore. That’s healthy. I got saved during the Jesus movement and back then, the church wouldn’t embrace us. We had long hair, I had hair down the middle of my back, used to ride motorcycles and stuff. They wouldn’t accept us back then, but there were certain churches that would open their doors. Those churches were the ones that exploded with growth and God did amazing things from it.

Wendy Sweet (18:45):

That’s awesome. And so this kind of brings us to Tanzania. This is new for you, you haven’t been there before, right?

Pastor Dale (18:51):

I’ve been to every continent except Africa. And I truthfully, this is a confession of my own. I’ve been to a lot of really tough places in my life, India, you name it and I always said, I never want to go to Africa ever want to go to Africa. I had friends who were missionaries in Africa, and I just said, I’m just not cut out for that. Part of the problem is when I go to a country I’m terrible at eating their food. Sue will eat everything. She’ll she’ll eat anything. They eat peanut butter and jelly and I’m okay. But other than that, it’s hard for me. I’m not going because, Oh, wow. I want to go to another country. It’s because I really believe that that’s what God’s told me to do. So Sue brought up the issue of Tanzania, cause you guys went last year and I immediately just said no. And I, you know, when you hear the voice of God, come into your head, it says, the Lord just said, why? And I just said, Lord, you know why. You know why I don’t want to go there. I’m 68 years old. I’m past my prime. This, you send the young people out there to do this. And I said, what if I go to Africa and I die? Honest to God, this is what God, speaks to me the way I understand. He says what a way to go so I said, all right. All right, I’ll go.

Wendy Sweet (20:18):

That’s amazing.

Pastor Dale (20:19):

Sometimes when the Lord speaks to us, we say no, but he knows our hearts. He knows what we want to do. And like you, we want to advance the kingdom and again, it’s costly. When you advance the kingdom, it’s going to cost you emotionally, financially, spiritually but the benefits of what happens is worth it

Wendy Sweet (20:41):

That’s exactly right. Well, Moses said no first, right? He had all kinds of excuses.

Pastor Dale (20:47):

I can’t speak, I can’t talk. Give it to somebody else.

Wendy Sweet (20:49):

That’s right. That’s right. Well, you know, I never really wanted to go to Africa either. It was never a, you know, it wasn’t just in my mind or in my heart that I’ve really like, would like to go to Africa.

Pastor Dale (21:03):

I wanna go to a whole place!

Wendy Sweet (21:04):

And yeah, it just wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t a big drive for me, but when Darren Brocklebank, who really started this whole thing with us. When he came back from Africa, he was literally glowing. I mean, you could see, it was like he had seen the face of God. He was literally glowing. It was amazing to see how it absolutely flipped his life upside down from what he experienced being over there and I thought, I want that. I want that. So, you know, we went to Africa, June, about a year and a half ago. And then again, this past December, and the stories that have happened from being over there are just mind blowing. When we went to the mass eye village, we were really supposed to just meet with a few small villages that would be maybe 30, 40 people. We ended up having, you know, it was over 200 people that showed up at this tiny, tiny little church just to worship with us and our Jeep got stuck with all kinds of things going on and the people were just thirsty to hear about Jesus, just thirsty for it. Standing in lines. They were even outside of this little church could say they couldn’t fit in and when we went outside, there were two lines. Two people standing to two lines that had formed that some people just wanted prayer. And some people had specific things that they wanted to talk about and get prayer on and it turned into something I’d never experienced before. I, you know, I don’t speak in tongues. It’s not a gift that I believe I’ve asked for, but I know a lot of people do and it’s definitely a gift and so all of that was going on. People are speaking in tongues, prayers going on. There’s literally I saw spirits, demons coming out of people’s mouths, in a mist going, it was mindblowing. It’s, you know, you hear about it or you even see it on TV, you think, Oh, that’s not right. There’s something going on here. But I experienced it. We saw one woman that we had been praying for. She just fell out in the spirit, she’s laying on the ground. There were six men around her trying to keep her from levitating, right? I mean, my son was at her head and he was 16 at the time and I’m watching this, not believing what I’m seeing and they cast seven demons out of her. It was, I’ve never seen anything like that. I thought I can’t even, I thought I can’t even go home and tell anybody about it because nobody’s going to believe me. They’ll think I’m nuts. You know?

Pastor Dale (24:10):

In America we have so sanitized the gospel that we’ve taken out the power of the Holy spirit. And I think that almost no matter where you go, people are afraid of losing control, but in third world countries, they understand the spiritual world a whole lot better than we do. They live with it. They understand it. They don’t try to cover it up in America. I think I really, I think, Satan’s demon powers hide in between things so that we don’t notice them. We don’t see what’s going on. But when you get out into the mission field where you actually share your life, you’re actually saying, God, I want you to show up and if you don’t show up, I can’t do this. Well in America, we can do everything. We can build houses, we can start churches and we can all do it without God and unfortunately, there’s a lot of ministries that are running and they’re not running on the power of God. But when you go to these third world countries, now the rubber meets the road and you really get exposed. When I first got saved, I think it was in the first year that I got saved. I’m working with this one youth pastor we’re teaching karate to about 40 kids. So both of us are in very good shape and we’re trying to cast a demon out of this one Girl. Her parents, was a witch and a warlock and they were in, I think it was in Cleveland and they were having seances to try to keep her their daughter from turning to Christianity. This, this young girl of about maybe 16 years old was thrown us across the room. I had never experienced like that. I understand then that the supernatural is far different than what we think. But you read the gospels. Every time you turn around, it’s Jesus is healing, somebody is casting the demon out of somebody that was normal that’s and people said, well, where does this authority come from? Well, it came from God. We want the authority of God. We have to put ourselves out there.

Wendy Sweet (26:15):

Absolutely. You know, it’s really exciting too that you are going to Tanzania. So this time, you’re going back to the desert and that’s the other thing too, is these people live in little tiny huts made of mud and sticks. Literally. That’s what they live in and they don’t have television. So they’re not watching Ernest Angsley on TV. They’re not making any this up there. It’s real. So, that’s where you’re going. It’s truly in the middle of a desert, like 50 miles out Gore, in a Gora desert. You’re going to be out there. And instead of having, you know, the two to 300 people were expecting possibly 3,500 people that will be coming all from the dis different desert villages that they live in to come and hear the word. So can you give me and I know it’s all really kind of shooting from the hip, and I know there’s plans put in place, but you know, you have to just go to where the spirit leads you when you’re doing this. What is it that you have planned for this trip?

Pastor Dale (27:32):

So one of the things that is, both Russ and I have been on the mission field a lot. One of the things that we really don’t like is where you come and you bring all kinds of Americans and money, and you invest in setting up these crusades, and then you have all these people respond to the gospel and then you leave and then what happens is, and it happens in America too, but it’s not quite the same. So what we really want to do is we not only want to bring the challenge to embrace Christ and in his redemption, but we want to give them the tools by which they can be healthy Christians versus having them come into the kingdom and then barely survive until they’re dead. We want to really help them and teach them how they can grow in Christ, how they can grow in their families, how they can make their community better, how they can make their nation better and so Russ is going to, in the very beginning, he’s got a three-year Bible school it’s since Swahili. So we’re going to teach about 65 pastors and about 65 leaders got to teach them in this one day class, how to construct this, how to work it with their people. They can do a one, two, three people in a village. You could have one person who can read, and maybe you’ve got six people who can’t read because a lot of them, Messiah cannot read but it’s really flexible that you can use. So that by the end of three years, it’s not just Messiah who make a decision for Jesus, but it’s Messiah were being transformed by Jesus. So that’s going to be one solid whole day. The end of that day, then we’re going to do Jesus film in Swahili to, again, just like an India. You know, most of the population is illiterate. You have to give them the means by which they can understand the gospel visually so you do a film and there’s a film that’s done for that and then on the following day, it’s Russ and I are going to be teaching all day. Giving altar calls, having a baptismal tank where we can baptize people who are getting saved, praying for people whether it’s for healing, deliverance or whatever.

Pastor Dale (29:43):

That’s amazing. That’s just amazing now. And here’s what I think is really cool is how you and Sue and Russ and Darren have collected the things that you need to make this happen. Solar powered Bibles. And it’s crazy.

Pastor Dale (30:06):

The logistics of doing a two to three day conference is mind blowing and plus we’re doing it with translators over the phone, over WhatsApp, trying to figure out, they’re trying to figure out what we’re saying, and we’re trying to figure out what they’re saying, and we’re kind of trying to put them all together and well, how do we build a stage and where can we build a stage and where we can we get water? And how many cows do we have to put your, to feed the people and all that kind of stuff.

Wendy Sweet (30:34):

That’s right and it’s not free. It’s amazing how donations have come in from just sources that you never in a million years thought they would come through connections that people are making it. It’s just, it can only be God that’s putting all of that together for that. So one of the things I want people to understand is people take, you, Sue Russ, Darren, and his family, you’ve you committed to using your own money to put all this together. Your own money for airfare, your own money to stay over, to eat all the things that it takes, it’s not free. Plus you’ve got to pay, I think we put maybe $3,000 toward putting the event together, the advertising, the marketing for it. The paying the permits just to get into the park cause we gotta pay that too and, you know, you commit to do it yourself, but then what happens? People start hearing about what you’re doing and they’re giving a little bit here and a little bit there and before, you know, it everything’s paid for or close to it right? Close to. Well, the other thing that I think is important too, is this is over Christmas time and I think we all have a desire to make sure that we get those kids, some kind of a Christmas present, because this is also wrapped up with an orphanage, which is what got us over there in the first place. She’ll love orphanage in Tanzania. So, and there’s, I don’t know, close to a hundred kids there that, you know, they don’t have a family so giving them a Christmas gift would be a great thing to do. So, you have a GoFundMe page set up, right?

Pastor Dale (32:34):

I have a go fund me page. Our goal is about $8,000 because that’s what we figure for us personally, it’s going to be somewhere around there. Russ is being financed by the mission group that he works with. So he still pay, but he’s bringing his grandson as well, that is pumping a lot of money that he’s got from different people. If I could just make this one comment, I have a really good friend who is a, he’s a very wealthy man. He’s probably worth about $80 million and when we talk, I spent quite a bit of time with him. He says, you know, one of the hard things for people who have money is they want to give to the church, but oftentimes the church won’t let them have any influence about what they’re giving their money to on something like this. People resonate, people who are making money, they resonate that, okay ,I actually can be part of a plan that makes this happen. What Sue and I put on, I put my postings out about,

Wendy Sweet (33:37):

There it is!

Pastor Dale (33:37):

Yeah, so partner with us, to make this happen because it doesn’t happen because one person or two people or three people get together, it’s when the body of Christ as the body work together to help make this habit because some people can make money and some people can go. I just wrote an article on, sacrifice, usually is inconvenient in almost every CA every situation, whether it’s going to a mission field or sending money, it’s inconvenient. It puts a stress on us and, but I think it clarifies whether we really believe that Jesus is worth it or not.

Wendy Sweet (34:17):

That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. So do you know your Go Fund Me page, how people can get to it?

Pastor Dale (34:27):

I don’t actually have the address, but it’s on Sue’s Facebook page. So, I mean, when I put out a copy, I put out posts about it, on my Facebook page. There’s links to the Go Fund Me page as well. In fact, usually about Monday, I put a new article about going to Tanzania and doing it for about the last eight weeks. So that people that are partnering with us, can see what we’re doing, how we’re going to do it, what we’re looking for. Just this last week, one of the translators got into a motorcycle accident, hurt both of his arms. The last part of this week, another guy who was a great translator got in a motorcycle accident, both of his hands are bandaged up and yet these guys are telling us, Oh, we really believe that Jesus is going to come through. We’ve got spiritual warfare right now. We just need to break through.

Wendy Sweet (35:23):

There it is right there. There’s your go fund me page. Can we biggie size that to see how we might be able to get to it?

Pastor Dale (35:31):

No, I really don’t like this picture that Sue put up because they cut my head off.

Wendy Sweet (35:37):

Well it’s so God can pour, can pour more intelligence inside there

Pastor Dale (35:41):

Yeah, I guess he was ought to fill it inside. I don’t know.

Wendy Sweet (35:45):

So it’s, there is a GoFundMe.com forward slash F forward slash there. They did it for us. Great. So the link that you can go to donate, we really would love to have, some money to, of course, help pay for this event, but to get those kids, some Christmas gifts would be really, really awesome.

Pastor Dale (36:11):

Okay. Sue and Heather are going to go into the local town and buy the kids all kinds of stuff once we get there.

Wendy Sweet (36:16):

Yeah. Yeah. And it’s great. That picture of the front porch with the kids on the front porch, that we’ve spend so much time on that front porch. It’s a whole lot bigger than you think it is. We eat out there, we worship out there. It’s just, it’s amazing. I know most of those kids, I just want to reach out and kiss him right now. But if you’ll look at the steps, you’ll see a woman standing there holding on to a little baby that’s mama. That’s how we know her as mama. Everybody there knows her as mama and she had a dream, literally a dream that she would run an orphan and she’s the mother of, I think five kids, they’re all grown and she was married to a minister and actually, when he died is when she started that orphanage. And it’s just amazing the number of lives that she has touched, by being able to save these kids. A couple of them. I mean, there were three of them that are still there that she saw in a hospital. She was there for an operation. And those kids were brought in, they were buried up to their neck. Their parents had buried them up to their neck because, it might’ve been a young mother that couldn’t afford to have them and instead of adopting them off or even killing them themselves, they bury them up to the neck and let the animals come and take care of it. And luckily these kids were found and brought to the orphanage and they were the first ones that she started with. She’s got an incredible story too. So, Dale, I’m just so grateful that you’ve taken the time out to share not only your story, but what’s getting ready to happen here in in Tanzania when you and Russ and Sue and Darren and Heather, just, you know, pour out your love for these people. I can’t wait to hear what happens and we’re going to have you back so you can share it

Pastor Dale (38:29):

Because we really encourage your people to pray. Besides the guys that got a motorcycle accident. Sue, and I, our airfares our flights have been canceled four times.

Wendy Sweet (38:40):

Yeah. I can imagine.

Pastor Dale (38:41):

She’s been on the phone hours and hours. We’re hoping that not only do we get there, but we get home.

Wendy Sweet (38:48):

Yeah. Well, that’s the case. We need you to come back.

Pastor Dale (38:51):

Yeah. So, if people could pray that the Lord would make away with our traveling, that we get through it when we’re driving these, these vehicles down the road, that would be great too.

Wendy Sweet (39:02):

And you’re leaving on December, as far as you know,

Pastor Dale (39:07):

Right now, we’re leaving on the six for Newark. We’re there about six hours and we fly to Ethiopia, I think we’re in Ethiopia for 12 hours, then we have to fly to, I dunno,

Wendy Sweet (39:29):

[Inaudible] Salaam.

Pastor Dale (39:30):

Yeah. I’m not sure which like 25, 30 hours by the time it’s all done.

Wendy Sweet (39:36):

Yeah. It’s a long trip. I can promise you that I’ve done that one four times and it’s, it’s a long trip, but it’s worth it. Well worth it. So again, if for some reason you can’t give online with this go-fund me and you want to give later, maybe we would, you know, we’ll take your money because we’re going back and we will use it over and over again. So, you know, we just really appreciate your giving, but more than anything, we appreciate your prayers. Lifting Sue and Dale and Russ and Darren and Heather up, as well as the mass eye people and letting them be in your hearts, just constantly think of them. They’re going to be gone for about two weeks and, we really, really appreciate anything you can do. Dale again, thank you so much.

Pastor Dale (40:40):


Wendy Sweet (40:40):

And, I hate to say, we wish you the best we will, but we’re big prayer.

Pastor Dale (40:47):

You pray the best!

Wendy Sweet (40:47):

You are the best. We’ll be praying for you constantly.

Pastor Dale (40:53):


Wendy Sweet (40:53):

All right. Thank you so much, Dale. If you want to learn anything more about this trip or you want to give anything after the trip or later on. If you can’t do it before they leave, that’s fine. You can always contact us here, wendy@carolinahardmoney.com. I can give you ways that you can donate. If you are interested in doing a loan or lending on a loan, just go to CarolinaHardMoney.com. You can click on the borrower tab, if you want to borrow, you can click on the lender tab if you’re interested lending. Again, Dale, we wish you the best. Don’t forget to like share and subscribe, tell all your friends about this, we’ll see you next week.

Pastor Dale (41:46):


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