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137 Self-Directed IRAs with Haley Gant from Quest in Passive Wealth Show

In today’s episode, of Passive Wealth Show Haley Gant, CISP from Quest Trust Company joins Bill & Wendy.

They will talk about Quest Con Live 2.0 and all things connected with Self-Directed IRAs.

Haley Gant, CISP is an IRA Specialist based in Houston. She handles all questions about Self-Directed IRAs and investment options for clients and prospects. She also establishes business relationships with like-minded companies.


0:01​ – Teaser – “Let’s hear Haley’s story and more about Quest Con Live 2.0! ”

0:52​ – Introduction

2:23​ – Today’s guest: Haley Gant

4:34​ – Why did you choose to work with a Self-Directed company?

11:25​ – Quest Trust events

13:00​ – Quest Con Live 2.0

15:25​ – Importance of being educated in Self-Directed IRA

17:30​ – Where you can invest in your Self-Directed IRA?

24:28​ – https://www.CarolinaHardMoney.com

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Bill Fairman (00:01):

Hello, everyone. I’m back. Did you miss me? I’m still over here with you. People staring up my nose. Welcome to the Passive Wealth Show. I am Bill Fairman and Wendy Sweet is, giggling in the background, we have, a great guest today, Haley Gant of quest trust company. it’s a funny story. We first met on a investor cruise ship years and years ago before she ever started with quest. I’ll let her tell the story. Of course, you’ve probably forgotten by now.

Wendy Sweet (00:40):

Soon as we get back.

Bill Fairman (00:42):

That’s right. And then, we’ll talk about the rest of the story. As soon as we come back from this

Wendy Sweet (00:54):

Teasers are supposed to be short and sweet, and that is something that bill does not possess.

Bill Fairman (01:00):

Yeah, I don’t.

Wendy Sweet (01:08):

Except in height.

Bill Fairman (01:08):

Okay. Well, moving along. Thank you so much, fortunately, we’re in different places. If you can tell. So I didn’t want to get a remote control, electrical shock collar on her chair. Anyway again, thank you so much for joining us on the Passive Wealth Show. We are Passive Wealth Show. We are, lenders in the Southeast for real estate investors. If you’re thinking about getting alone for real estate investing, go to CarolinaHardMoney.com. Click on the apply now tab, if you’re a passive investor looking for passive returns, then click on the accredited investor tab. Don’t forget to like share subscribe, hit the bell. Uh, all those terms. I have no idea except for the share and the subscribed part. That’s because I’m old. And I don’t remember that kind of stuff, If you have any comments or questions, we have a chat, I’ll do either the side or the bottom of the screen, depending on platform you’re viewing us from. So without any further a do, I want to say that very often I do.

Wendy Sweet (02:29):

So, you know what? And I said, I said this on the last show and I’ll say it again. There are two things that I’ve always believed that you need to know if you’re going to be investing in real estate. Number one is you really need to understand the note business, If you understand the note business, any deal can work. And the other thing is you need to understand how self-directed money works, whether it’s an IRA, HSA ESA, a 401K set, whatever it is that have that self-directed,

Bill Fairman (03:00):

Don’t forget health savings plan.

Wendy Sweet (03:02):

I said, HSA, I’m sorry. I used my slang.

Bill Fairman (03:05):

I need the long vesion.

Bill Fairman (03:09):

That’s right. But it’s amazing that if you know those two things, you can make any deal work, and you can raise money, That’s the key or make money. That’s the key making money is, making money off of the money that you have in your retirement accounts or your health savings accounts. So that’s kind of a that’s, I had to put that out there before we get an opportunity to introduce our great and wonderful guest Haley Gant.

Bill Fairman (03:40):


Haley Gant (03:43):

Hey, thanks for having me today.

Wendy Sweet (03:44):

It’s so good to have you here, and bill had mentioned earlier about how we met you on a cruise. You were a cute little, just out of college co-ed you still are cute, but you have a little experience behind you now.

Haley Gant (04:00):

Oh yes. I’m a real full fledged adult now,

Wendy Sweet (04:05):

That’s right, Pioneer road, Morgan. She’s a good girl investing in and I’m telling you that what’s amazing too, is how much, knowledge you’re able to hold in your head when it comes to IRAs, because there’s so many rules and, and they change on you, but I mean, there’s a lot, you have to know, and I’m sure people are always pounding on you to get more and more information. So, really what how did you, what in the world were you thinking when you wanted to go work with a self-directed IRA company? I mean, it’s not the kind of job that, you know, it’s not like working on a cruise ship.

Haley Gant (04:47):

Definitely not like it’s sometimes it’s just chaotic, right? no, but it’s, it’s actually a funny story how I got started at quest. So, you know, for those of you guys who don’t know me, my name’s Hailey Gant, I’m an IRA specialist. I’ve been with quest for almost five years now. like when Wendy was saying, I pretty much started fresh out of college, but my parents are real estate investors. They’ve been investing for pretty much almost my entire life. They started investing in real estate when I was in kindergarten, and I’m an only child, so I had no choice, but to grow up surrounded by everything, real estate, family dinners, we’re talking about properties and sellers disclosures and crazy tenants, so I kind of just grew up surrounded by the business and didn’t really realize that all of the conversations that were around me, my entire life would really kind of help to put me where I am today.

Haley Gant (05:42):

Now my parents are great. They are great investors, but I always knew I did not want to work for my parents. I kind of knew I wanted to do something in real estate. I just didn’t know exactly what, so when I graduated from Texas A and M in 2015, I, I moved home. I worked with my parents for about six months because I knew that wasn’t what my long-term plan wanted it to be, but I knew that I would be stupid to not take advantage of the opportunity to work with my mom and dad, and kind of learn about how they’ve grown their business over the last, almost 20 years. And in that time, quest actually, kind of had me on their radar. I guess they realized that, Eddie Gant had a daughter. She was out in the real world now, And they, kind of scoped me out and recruited me to come work for the marketing department, fresh out of college, ended up coming to work for quest in June of 2015.

Haley Gant (06:35):

And honestly, I left my interview with my start date and I never looked back, I called my dad after and I was like, Hey, sorry, I am I leaving. I’m going to class. And, it’s really nice how they did it. They approached my dad first, make sure they had his blessing, you know, cause you don’t want to do it wrong. Right? and it was really cool. My parents were really excited for me to kind of go out there on my own and turns out, you know, me being young and excited and everything, I ended up moving to Dallas three months after I started working at class, I had just passed my three month review and I ended up moving to Dallas and, you know, just the way things worked out, I ended up running the Dallas office by January of that year. And we had our grand opening.

Haley Gant (07:17):

We were hosting classes and that’s really when the quest educational events in cities outside of Houston really took off, We expanded our Austin office after that, and I lived in Dallas for about two years, loved it up there, but you know, kind of just came time for me to move back to Houston work at the corporate office, And it’s been really, really awesome, These past two years, being back in Houston, I do a lot more public speaking, I get to help train our new hires, and I can not believe that it’s almost been five years. It’s really, really wild.

Wendy Sweet (07:51):

It is crazy, you know, you guys have, you’re such a great team at quest I’ve, I love the live events that we’ve been able to go to, and I’m always amazed at what a great team you have. Everybody. I know that works, There is just so amazing and in what they know, like there Derek long, I just love that guy. He, he keeps me rolling in the aisles and just so full of knowledge, It’s just amazing. I remember the first time I met you, we were on a cruise and you were working with your parents and I don’t think your dad was on the cruise, You were there with your mom.

Haley Gant (08:32):

Oh yeah.

Wendy Sweet (08:35):

That where you started with your Quest, Yeah. So yeah, I don’t blame them for putting you on their radar.

Haley Gant (08:41):

Oh, cruise was so much fun because that was, It was actually, I had gotten the job at quest, but I hadn’t actually started yet, So I got to go and enjoy the cruise, hang out, meet everyone, but I didn’t actually have to work at all, which really nice.

Haley Gant (08:56):

And the next cruise, after that, I was actually a quest employee and representative, so gosh, I missed those cruises, I’m so ready to get back to those in-person events.

Wendy Sweet (09:04):

That’s awesome. Yeah. You and me both. And I think there’s a lot of people that, that miss that, for sure. I’ll tell you what else, I’m also,

Bill Fairman (09:16):

Let me step in here real quick, Take a breath. So a couple of months after the cruise, I’m at a private money, convention, and there’s this whole table full of gentlemen with sport coats on that are made of dollar bills, or a hundred dollar bills, So it’s like, you know, five or six guys with sport coats that were made out of money, so they anyway, the host of the show was so impressed, he asked him the heck they were, and of course your dad, Eddie stood up from, Eddie Gant from HoustonTexas, and I went, Oh my God, I was just on a cruise with his wife and daughter, I have to go over and introduce myself, I’m wondering if he’s embarrassed of that.

Haley Gant (10:08):

Oh my gosh, those money students, I will tell you why I, the randomest people. I was actually like out at a bar in Houston one night and someone was like, Oh, jet lending the guys with the money suits. How do you even know this? it’s still comes up in conversations to this day, If you’re like, Oh, Eddie, the guy, right.

Bill Fairman (10:29):

That’s what you call branding, I apologize if I keep going out here, those who don’t know I’m at the airport and I’m having to use their wifi, and so Wendy’s doing most of the talking

Wendy Sweet (10:42):

It’s my first opportunity to be able to talk, cause bill usually doesn’t take a breath and always have to try and dive in, so now when he’s frozen, I can just keep talking and no one will ever know, now we’ll turn the tables on him. So the other thing that I love love, love about quest and you know, I do these Wednesday with Wendy meetings, these 30 minute meetings that I do a free mentorship, And I always tell people, you know, first of all, they need to learn about self-directed IRAs, and it’s so easy to send them to the quest website and tell them to get on that resources page, and the education that you guys put out, Just blows my mind. The, I want to hear it. I want you to talk about, I want you to talk about those, after hours meetings, what do you call mixers ? and things like that,

Haley Gant (11:33):

yeah the happy hours.

Wendy Sweet (11:34):

It’s amazing. Talk about that.

Haley Gant (11:37):

Yeah. So our events that we host in our education is honestly, one of my biggest passions in the last several years, I’ve really kind of molded my own role here at class to kind of be our business development person, so I work with our marketing team to help, to put on all of events and webinars,

Haley Gant (11:54):

Bringing in new guest speakers, and keeping the content really fresh, and exciting at the same time, so it can be a value to investors no matter where you might be across the entire United States. So we do a lot of events, a lot of webinars every single week, and, you know, because we firmly believe that if our clients are not educated about self-directed IRAs, about due diligence, about all of these things that are really important when you are not only investing your own funds, but when you’re now investing your IRA funds, it’s so important to have a base knowledge and to have everything kind of laid out in front of you where it’s like, Hey, as quest, this is our role as your custodian, but as the client, this is your role, but here’s how we’re going to help you by hosting a lot of different educational events, and pretty much recording everything, educational that we host and posting it on our YouTube channel, kind of like what you guys are doing here.

Haley Gant (12:50):

Right? So yeah, our events are really awesome, we host a really big quest expo, obviously pre pandemic, but we have a really awesome event coming up, actually next Friday, quest con live private lending edition. It’s a full two day online self-directed IRA conference, and you know, not only do we, are we really passionate about educating investors, but we understand the importance of also having a good ecosystem, a good community, and network. So even though all of our events have moved online within the past year, we still actually host a lot of networking opportunities, You know, for example, the night before quest con starts, I actually personally host a virtual networking happy hour for all of our attendees, and about two hours, you get to meet at least 50 other investors from across the US, and then we kind of open it up for conversations at the end.

Haley Gant (13:44):

And, you know, outside of that, I also host a very similar happy hour through zoom twice a month, actually last night it was really awesome, Quincy randomly joined the happy hour. I had no idea he was going to be there, I’ve never been nervous at my own event before, until Quincy shows up, and it was, it was fun. He had a glass of wine with everyone, we hung out, we all made our introductions, and then we kind of talked about, you know, some relevant investment topics as well. So, you know, our, my biggest goal is to have our education reach as many people as possible, and to have the idea of investing with a self-directed IRA actually becomes something that you are confident in that, you know, how it works, you know, about your different options. That way you can go out there and build wealth, not only through your own IRA, but you know, potentially through the use of other people’s IRAs as well, and kind of revolving doors of private capital.

Haley Gant (14:38):

There’s so many different ways that you can benefit, and, you know, I love it because it’s like, I’m not out here like selling couches, I’m not over here trying to like meet a sales quota, we’re actually educating about things that make a really big in people’s lives. So, you know, me kind of being young, being thrown into this industry, you know, ended up running a Dallas office, and I had no idea what I was doing, It’s really cool to kind of have seen, not just myself, but our entire team grow over the last several years. You know, as our reach has grown, the company has grown a lot of us, you know, I’ve become an adult as I’m now working at quest almost 30 years old. it’s a lot of fun and it’s, we’re very passionate about what we do, and I think that really comes across in the events and education that we put on.

Wendy Sweet (15:25):


Bill Fairman (15:25):

Well, education is so important, because the biggest hang up that most people, have that having an IRA is that it is self-directed and it is up to them to direct it, the biggest problem is they’re afraid to pull the trigger because they’re not educated enough about the investment that they’re in and the education that you got providers is really stuff, and it’s not pushing any anyone, any particular direction. It’s basically, here are the options you have to decide, what’s the best investment for you based on what your outcome needs to be at what point and that type of thing.

Haley Gant (16:10):

Definitely. And I think it’s really important too, because you know, we get a lot of people that they’ve never invested into real estate with their IRA before, Not only are they trying to learn about the different investment options, but if you try to do it by yourself, you know, the chances of you being successful are much lower than if you’re able to get connected with a reputable network. So, you know, that’s why we like working with you guys. We like working with freedom founders groups that, you know, as these investors come in, because class, we can’t give investment advice we can not tell you what to invest in or how to structure your deal, but we can kind of point you in the right direction, we can, you know, expose you to a lot of our different guest speakers and groups that we work with, That way you can have the other tools in your tool belt to go out there and apply this knowledge to your investments and then be successful because you have that network to kind of back you up.

Wendy Sweet (17:01):

Yeah. I think that that’s really important, that you are able to just expose people to so many different options, you know, we’re sitting here talking about real estate, but you can use self-directed money in so many other ways. you know, even precious metals and Can you invest in cars, antique cars too?

Haley Gant (17:31):

So that’s one of the few things that you cannot invest in, Anything that’s configured a collectible, but it’s funny someone on the happy hour last night asked if they could buy an NFT in their IRA, nd I don’t know if you’re familiar with those, I have my own opinion. I won’t get into that, but you know, maybe investments that are a bit more tangible, which is why we’re here in the first place, like real estate notes, private placements are the three main categories, but once you break it down into those categories, they’re so many different things that you can invest in with your IRA.

Wendy Sweet (18:03):

Yeah. Like at some people buy houses with their self-directed IRA’s. Go ahead.

Haley Gant (18:12):

Yeah. And, you know, especially if you’re buying real estate in an IRA, it’s important to be aware of the rules because you do have to keep things, you know, pretty much at arms length, but all of that appreciation in your IRA is completely tax deferred or tax free, depending on what type of account you’re investing with.

Haley Gant (18:29):

Or if you want to be completely passive, be a private lender, invest possibly into investment funds, you know, multifamily, things like that, so you guys actually have a lot of great options as well. If someone’s looking to, you know, really just maybe be a bit more passive with their funds.

Wendy Sweet (18:43):

Right. And, and I’ve seen people invest into LLCs as well. They invest in companies and it’s just amazing, what’s out there for you to be able to choose from, which is why I love your, your resources page, because you’ve got videos of all of your interviews. Are they all up there?

Haley Gant (19:08):

Pretty much, we try to make our education as accessible as possible. You know, a few events are paid because they’re a larger scale production, But every class that we host, every interview that we do is on our YouTube channel. Our YouTube has almost doubled in size in the past year. So that’s really exciting, and yeah, we just, you know, we try to, because we can’t tell people what to do, but we can say, Hey, you know, we did a YouTube video with this expert over this, Let me send this to you. So you can have more resources and maybe get that education from someone who’s an expert in that field.

Wendy Sweet (19:40):

Awesome. Bill, did you have, he’s muted? Are you muted on purpose? There you go.

Bill Fairman (19:49):

No, through did that to me, cause apparently it was too noisy back here.

Wendy Sweet (19:56):

That’s why we have people behind the scenes to keep,

Bill Fairman (20:00):

Just to add to all the different things that you can do with your IRA funds, I remember an IRA holder that was actually doing floor plan financing for buy here, pay here , car lives, right after the 2008 crash, they were having a really hard time getting their normal financing through the banks, and so he stepped in and was lending to like four different car dealerships and it worked out very well. Now, keep in mind, you have to know what you’re doing that to do, stuff like that, But you know, as long as it’s not collectible art, that kind of thing, If you, if you know it, and that’s the whole point of being in a self-directed account is that you invest in something that you know about and you feel comfortable doing it, because you know, the stock market is supposed to be the end, all be all, but most people don’t know how it works, and they depend on third parties to manage your money, and this is a great way to manage them. I wanted to make sure that we had the link to the, quest con over there in the chat. And that’s why I went away earlier, cause I hit the little chat button to see if it was there, and I ended up taking myself completely out of the show.

Haley Gant (21:18):

Nice, and I am not sure if you guys saw this, but I sent a link to the private cha,. We actually, for everyone watching out there, both bill and Wendy will be two of our guest speakers at quest con, and so we have a 30% off promo code set up for you guys, I know you have the tracking link, but a link that I sent in the private chat will actually automatically apply that 30% off discount, So it kind of save people a stop there, so you guys want to maybe comment that from the main page..

Wendy Sweet (21:48):

Awesome. Thank you for doing that. You know, I actually have a, an investor friend who, used his self-directed IRA to purchase a coin up washing machines and dryers for his apartment complex, and he had a third party company come out and empty it and send the payment into his self-directed IRA.

Haley Gant (22:16):

I got to keep the hands-off right.

Wendy Sweet (22:18):

Yeah. But I thought, wow, what a great idea, cause he had been small dollar IRAs, he’s thinking, what can I do with this? All I can buy some point up laundries , and it’s just, it’s amazing all of the things you can do with it, and, you know, understanding about inheritable. self-directed it’s just, it’s just amazing, I can’t get enough of it. I really, I really can’t get enough of it. And um, you guys do such a great job of, of sharing that information, and I’m really excited about having Derek. He’s going to be on Sunrise’s uh, next run, not this Friday, but next Friday, right before quest con. So, we can talk more details about, about stuff you can do.

Haley Gant (23:05):

Yeah. Give him all the hard questions.

Bill Fairman (23:08):

Yeah. One of the great things about these events that you do is the networking part, and I know we already covered this, but it’s very important if you have a small IRA and you know, I don’t have enough money to invest with, well, guess what, you’re going to meet people there that you can invest with or alongside, and that’s just as important of getting the education is finding like-minded people to do business with,

Wendy Sweet (23:35):

Throughfinancial friends.

Bill Fairman (23:36):

Yep. Absolutely. Back to the cruise. All right, Haley, thank you so much for joining us. it was awesome. It’s awesome to see you again, even though I saw you, I guess it was about a month ago,

Haley Gant (23:53):

All virtually though, I cant wait to see you guys in person, hopefully in the next few months.

Wendy Sweet (23:57):

That’s right.

Bill Fairman (23:59):

Yeah. Eventually the openness up and I am going to Texas where it’s more or less open.

Haley Gant (24:06):

Yeah. Texas. We’re ready to go.

Bill Fairman (24:12):

I still have my airport mask though. All right. So, thanks again, folks for joining us on the Passive Wealth Show. We are carolina capital management. We do, mortgage loans. We’re real estate investors in the Southeast. If you’re interested in borrowing money, go to our website, CarolinaHardMoney.com, Click on the apply now tab. And if you’re a passive investor looking for passive returns, but on the accredited investor tab, don’t forget to like share, subscribe to our show, and don’t forget about that and link that Sheree bit over there in the chat, get on to quest con with 30% off, it’s very nice for them to do that, and we will see you guys next week, off to Dallas. Thank you. Bye.

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