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168 Raising Private Money with Jay Conner on Real Estate Investor Show

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This week Jay Conner joins Bill, Wendy, and Jonathan to talk about the best ways on raising capital.

With over 15 years of experience investing in homes in his small town of Morehead City, North Carolina, Jay Conner has perfected systems that anyone with persistence, determination, and willingness to work can do. Real estate investing is one of the tried and proven paths to wealth. Ninety percent of millionaires used real estate as at least one of their paths to making their fortune.


0:01 – Introduction: “ How to raise capital”


1:13 – Wednesday with Wendy: https://calendly.com/wendysweet/wednesdays-with-wendy

4:02 – News: Mortgage rates are getting lower

4:52 – Luxury homes have increased by 26% in value

7:11 – Today’s guest: Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority

12:04 – Jay Conner validates the news, luxury homes increasing in value based on his experience.

14:56 – Jay is explaining if things are going to be the same as in 2008

18:52 – Jay shares how he raise private money.

21:13 – How people can raise private money.

23:36 – Where do you find private lenders?

28:40 – Jay Conner’s New book – https://www.JayConner.com/Book29:29 – Is this applicable when you are raising money for a fund?

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Bill Fairman (00:01):

Hi folks. Welcome to the Real Estate Investors Show. I am Bill Fairman, Wendy Sweet and Jonathan Davis are standing by, we have a special guest coming up. That’s going to talk about how to raise private capital, so that, and a lot more right after this.

Bill Fairman (00:19):

We’re back. Did you miss me?

Wendy Sweet (00:36):

Who are you again?

Bill Fairman (00:36):

My name’s right there in the corner. Again, thanks for pointing us on the Real Estate Investor Show Hard Money for Real Estate Investors. I am Bill Fairman and that is Wendy Sweet and Jonathan Davis in the corner. We are Carolina Capital Management, by the way, if you are interested in borrowing money, because we do lend to real estate investors in the Southeast go to CarolinaHardMoney.com and click on the apply. Now tab, if you are a passive investor, looking for passive returns, click on the accredited investor tab. Also Wendy gives up her time for Wednesday with Wendy

Bill Fairman (01:31):

Wow. I swear I feel like I’m in space. When that one goes off, by the way, you can catch the link to Wendy’s calendar over in the chat. We do have a comment section over there as well. It’s going to be on the right hand side of your screen or the bottom, depending on the platform that you’re using. Don’t forget to like share, subscribe and hit the bell.

Jonathan Davis (01:55):

One day, I’m going to hit the bell.

Bill Fairman (01:58):

You know, we do need to get a little bill that we can ring. Little sound effects. I also want to get a crowd cheering and clapping sound effect.

Wendy Sweet (02:08):

Well, we’ll do that for you, you’re the best

Bill Fairman (02:14):

Not for me when we have guests that come on the show and we introduce them, you know, the background will be going yay!

Wendy Sweet (02:25):

Well, I thought they’d be happy with all just all the money we’re paying them to come on.

Bill Fairman (02:33):

Yeah, that would be good. Just so you know, we have Jay Connor coming on a good friend of ours. He’s in Morehead city, North Carolina. And he apparently they’re having issues there cause he’s having trouble getting on.

Wendy Sweet (02:52):

No, I see his face in the shadows.

Bill Fairman (02:55):

Listen, Jay plays a main piano he has a hard time with links to get on the show, which is funny cause he has his own show on the same platform. We love to make fun of him. Cause he’s a great friend.

Wendy Sweet (03:12):

Make fun with him.

Bill Fairman (03:12):

That’s right. He’s an awesome guy. So I missed last week at least the second part of the show because I was traveling. How did it go?

Jonathan Davis (03:24):

Well, it was a nice.

Wendy Sweet (03:26):

The best show we ever had. Right?

Jonathan Davis (03:30):

[Inaudible] and let him think it was just terrible and they all fell apart. In fact, I think we had the highest number of viewers for the first time right there.

Bill Fairman (03:38):


Wendy Sweet (03:38):

Sorry, Bill.

Bill Fairman (03:47):

That’s alright.

Wendy Sweet (03:47):

They were wondering where you were here.

Jonathan Davis (03:49):

Everyone was tuned in, where’s Bill? That’s going to be the new game we’re in the world is Bill.

Wendy Sweet (03:58):

I love it. That’s good. That’s really good. So do you have any news that you want to share real quick before we bring Jay up?

Bill Fairman (04:07):

Yeah. Not really. Other than,

Wendy Sweet (04:09):

Yeah, not really.

Bill Fairman (04:09):

No. I mean, mortgage rates are, are getting even lower, you know, tenure treasury keeps hovering around 1.2 which is what it was last year at this time. So mortgage rates are low. It seems that it’s cooling off a little bit in the suburbs for purchasing. I don’t know if that has to do with availability or it’s people getting ready to start school again and they don’t want to move. Combination of it’s just been too hard to find a house. So maybe people are giving up a little bit because you know, inventory is tight

Jonathan Davis (04:47):

Too hard to afford it.

Wendy Sweet (04:50):

You know, when I read this morning, I thought it was pretty interesting. They were, and it was Redfin. I believe that put this out, but luxury homes have increased by 26% in value and pricing value. Isn’t that crazy? Over the June from June of last year.

Jonathan Davis (05:07):

That’s a national number?

Wendy Sweet (05:08):


Jonathan Davis (05:09):


Wendy Sweet (05:09):

A national number and affordable housing increased 13.8%, something like that.

Jonathan Davis (05:16):

Affordable housing increased so it’s no longer portable.

Wendy Sweet (05:21):

I thought that was really, really interesting. And another thing that I was reading on that same platform is that we’re talking about how COVID might or the new COVID the Delta to D variant might or might not affect our mortgage rates and just real estate in general and it was interesting what they said. They said that when things start getting shut down and people get worried about the stock market, they tend to start going to things that are more secure. And so they’re investing in mortgage notes, which are going to drive the rights down again, is what they said. I thought that was kind of interesting.

Jonathan Davis (06:02):

Yeah we’ll get Jay on and get his perspective on as well.

Wendy Sweet (06:05):

Yeah, that’s kinda neat.

Bill Fairman (06:08):

You know, just from my own research, looking at properties down here in Florida, I had my little search on Zillow for 230,000 or, or under and two years ago. And I had it set up for a lot as well as manufactured home and, and regular single family housing. So two years ago, when I’m looking at properties under two 30 on the water and on saltwater canal, I’d have bunches and bunches of them. Now it’s hard for me to find a lot by itself for under 230,000 on the same canals. So the properties down here are just getting bought up like crazy

Wendy Sweet (06:56):

We’ll see. We’ll see What continues on that. They also talk about how it might affect nursing homes and that kind of thing. I thought that was absolutely really,you know, we don’t know, we don’t, we just don’t know.

Jonathan Davis (07:08):

Don’t know what we don’t know.

Wendy Sweet (07:09):

That’s right.

Bill Fairman (07:13):

Wendy, why don’t you go ahead and go ntroducing Jay.

Wendy Sweet (07:16):

So Jay Connor is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. He and his wife are just a dynamic duo. I had them on sunrises. I don’t know. I guess it’s been a couple of months and they got on and sat down by the piano, started singing and playing. And it was great. It like went over a whole 30 minutes than it normally does because nobody wanted to leave. We were also well under time and that was the entertainment part that doesn’t even talk about everything. He’s so knowledgeable about raising private capital. If you want to raise private capital, you call Jay Connor, find out how to do it. So, Jay, thank you so much for being here with us.

Jay Conner (08:05):

Hello Wendy! Hello, Bill! My lads. It’s fantastic to see you all!

Wendy Sweet (08:12):

And he’s really calm

Jay Conner (08:16):

All my life. Now, when did you got to remind me? My memory is fantastic, but the older I get, it’s just short. So remind me of your partner, who your partner in crime.

Wendy Sweet (08:28):

Jonathan Davis.

Jay Conner (08:29):

Jonathan! Jonathan, I know you and I have met, right?

Jonathan Davis (08:32):


Jay Conner (08:33):

I know you and I had met, but anyway, it’s good to see you again. And Bill my lads, the last time I saw you was in Scottsdale Arizona at some mastermind. I forget which one it was.

Bill Fairman (08:47):

Oh come on, it was CG.

Jay Conner (08:47):

Oh that was CG, okay.

Bill Fairman (08:47):

We were all jealous talking about, who was it? Somebody is Cessna.

Jay Conner (09:05):

I don’t remember.

Bill Fairman (09:05):

By the way, tell Carol Joy we said hi.

Jay Conner (09:12):

Hey Carol Joy, Bill and Wendy and Jonathan are live! It like in front of God and everybody right now here on Facebook and YouTube and StreamYard Anyway, Bill just said, be sure and tell Carol, Joy’s say, he said, hello. So I’m saying hello from Bill.

Carol Joy (09:29):

Hello Wendy, hi Jonathan!

Jay Conner (09:29):

When Wendy was introduced to me a minute ago, she was talking about when you and me were on Sonrisers was a couple of months ago and you and I just sat down and played the piano and sang after I actually gave some valuable content. Say hello before they get into this show, here is Carol Joy. You tell them about, tell them about what inspired you to do after being on Sonrisers

Carol Joy (10:02):

We’ve been working on a song. Well, let me say it differently. I’ve been working on words to this song and then it takes me several months and then Jay comes along and he writes his music in about 15 minutes, but I couldn’t get the chorus to bring this together, verses one two. So after we heard, oh, I can’t remember his name. The one,

Jay Conner (10:23):

There was a gentleman that shared his story that he had lost a child.

Carol Joy (10:30):

They lost the baby.

Jay Conner (10:31):

They lost the baby and he told the story about how he made it through that.

Carol Joy (10:35):

And that’s kind of what our song was about. It’s about the first verses Joseph in the Bible and the second verses Jesus and the Bible talking about how God used these things that we view as bad. He was able to use them for good to save lives in Joseph’s world, in Egypt and also through Jesus. So anyway, as I heard that story, the next morning they hit me and in 15 minutes I had my chorus.

Jay Conner (11:00):

She’d been working on her course from us and she heard that, that gentleman’s story. So she finished her song and then I wrote the music to it. It’s called government and for good. And that we’ve had three different courses already record it. We’ll have the senior recording

Wendy Sweet (11:16):

Awesome! Is the piano in the background there?

Jay Conner (11:18):

Actually, it’s all acappella.

Wendy Sweet (11:21):


Carol Joy (11:22):

We’re at the office right now.

Jay Conner (11:23):

Oh, I’m sorry. You mean here? Well, let’s see here. There’s three pianos up here on my wall, but I’m not a real one here in the office.

Wendy Sweet (11:39):

We’ll have to get you to sing it before we get off.

Carol Joy (11:43):

Okay, it’s so good to see. Y’all

Jay Conner (11:48):

See. That’s what happens when you tell somebody to say hello?

Bill Fairman (11:59):


Jay Conner (11:59):

Well, I want to talk about private. I guess you want to talk about but we’ll talk about anything you want to, but I will tell you this, Wendy something you just said, I can validate to be the truth from my own experience. And that is luxury homes increasing 26% in the past 12 months. We bought a house down here at MRL. I’ll do, by the way. Did you make it here over July 4th, Atlantic leap?

Wendy Sweet (12:24):

I did but I ended up cutting it short.

Jay Conner (12:28):

I was looking for you, but anyway.

Wendy Sweet (12:31):


Jay Conner (12:31):

Oh no, we’ll get together. But anyway, bought this house down at MLL. I know, you know where that is on the other end of the beach and bought it last year, luxury home. Three story, not ocean front, but just one street back. I mean, top floor. Nobody can build in front of you. I bought the house down there on the beach. The after repaired value when I bought it was $740,000 was the after repaired value. By the time I rehabbed it and flipped it $900,000, three full price offers $160,000 increase in value in six months.

Jay Conner (13:13):

Now, Beaufort North Carolina, of course, here in North Carolina Beauford in South Carolina is Buford right? But here in Buford, across the high rise bridge, little historical town. I know y’all well, Hey look. That’s where we had lunch at Moonraker. In Beaufort. Well like just a few blocks from where we had lunch at moon Rikers, the there’s the historic district of Beaufort. And I bought this little house. Now check this out. I bought this little house in January of this year, January this year. It scared me to death. 817 square feet, 800. Two bed, one bath, built in 1905 block from the historic district, right? One block. It had the original bead board ceilings and all this and that. Anyway, we turned it into a beautiful, here’s the story on what you just said on luxury homes? When I bought the house in January of this year I bought it for 250,000 in the after repaired value was 375,000 when I bought it. So I was only going to have to put like 20 or 25 in it from January till two weeks ago. We’d finally finished it. The cruiser behind finally finished it. I got a comp one block away, $525,000.

Wendy Sweet (14:46):

That’s insane.

Jay Conner (14:49):

Insane. Unbelievable.

Bill Fairman (14:53):


Jonathan Davis (14:54):

Jay, what do you say to all the people who are like, I’ve seen this before? I have seen when a shack in California was going for, you know, $1.2 million. Are we going to experience the same thing that we experienced in 2008? What do you say to those people?

Jay Conner (15:13):

I got some real good advice on that question there, Jonathan, because I got took to the cleaners in 2000 about 2007 on three condos and Atlantic beach. And here’s how to not be taken to the cleaners. Okay. So I bought these three, these three condos over the beach. I mean, it was like, y’all know what was going on before 2007 and eight, I bought these condos with the intention of flipping them. By the time I got them rehab and got them on the market prices started coming down. Well, stupid me. I said, oh, I can ride this out.

Jay Conner (16:05):

There was no, there was no riding this out as far as making a profit on these houses. So I was forced to put them on the rental market. And those three houses lost money for years. Now here’s the lesson. That’s the how to avoid that problem. I’m not telling you three, anything, but hopefully somebody that’s listening will take this to heart. Here’s my lesson learned the hard way. So in answer to your question, Jonathan, even if your intention is to buy it and flip it based off a current cops, don’t buy that baby. Unless the rental income will cash flow. If you are forced to keep it,

Wendy Sweet (16:51):

Those are awesome words.

Jonathan Davis (16:54):


Wendy Sweet (16:54):

That’s how we do business. There they’re words to live by.

Jay Conner (16:59):

I mean, there’s, I mean, you know, like you just said a few minutes ago, you just don’t know what you don’t know. And nobody’s got a crystal ball ever. I don’t care who you’re listening to. No body knows for sure. Who would a guest, who would a guest, this crazy pricing would have taken place during COVID right.

Jonathan Davis (17:21):

Yeah, exactly.

Jay Conner (17:22):

Who would have guessed that you could get a mortgage for 2%?

Wendy Sweet (17:26):

That’s free money.

Jay Conner (17:30):

Nobody would have guessed it and we can’t guess what the mortgage is going to do. So again that you, I don’t care if you’re a flipper, you better, you better run the numbers on the rent, carrying it. And if another lesson learned, if the market changes, don’t pray, it’s going to turn three months. God is good, but God ain’t stupid.

Bill Fairman (18:00):

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. The lesson learned during 2007 and eight is that values will come back. How long do you have for them to come back? And that’s why you have to make sure that they will cashflow. So at least you can earn an income while you’re waiting for the values to come back to, to normal. Right now, it’s different than before. We have a lot less inventory than we have households. And, in 2007 and eight, we had an over supply. When your Walmart greeter also hand you a real estate broker card and a little hot

Wendy Sweet (18:42):

You know, Jay too, I love where you’re talking about, you know, who would have thought we could get mortgages in the 2% range. So there were so many things that you are really, really good at. And one of the main things is raising private money. So, so how does the fact that interest rates as a scale are so low right now, does that affect you in any way in how you’re raising private money?

Jay Conner (19:12):

So, it depends. So with new private lenders that I raise money from, you see people talk, right? And so a lot of my private lenders come to me through network and referral. If they come to me by referral, then I’m going to pay them the same thing that I’ve been paying my other private lenders. I don’t want to get into that conversation of, well, Hey, you’re paying him, you know, 8%. Why are you only offering me 6% kind of funny, but you know, if I’ve got to refer, in fact, I just had a recent referral from a student of mine that the people are up in New Jersey. You know, they’re head over heels over, you know, for 6% kind of thing. So how does, how do the low interest rates affect me on raising private money?

Jay Conner (20:05):

Again, if they’re referrals to me from current private lenders, I paying the same, otherwise I’m offering less money now. The other answer that comes to my mind very quickly, how do these rates affect me on raising money? I don’t slow down on raising money on private money and establishing relationships with, you know, lenders such as yourself, because here’s the deal. Again, we don’t know what we don’t know. And since we have no idea of what tomorrow holds, the most valuable asset that I have, or my relationships with people. And so I want to maintain the relationships that I currently have, and I want to continue to establish new relationships when it comes with, you know, other private lenders and so on. So those are the two answers that come to mind. I’m not sure that that’s what you were getting at or not windy, but that’s,

Wendy Sweet (21:08):

Yeah, that’s exactly where I was going. And, I wonder if you will share with us just a couple of nuggets of what people can do to raise private money. We all know that there’s, you know, hard money out there. And although we’d love for them to use hard money at every given opportunity, we know that private money is a great way to not only get into this business, but to stay in this business, whether you want to lend money or whether you want to be a borrower. So can you share with us a couple of tips or golden nuggets?

Jay Conner (21:47):

Sure, absolutely. So one popular question I get all the time is, well, Jay, how do you raise all that money? Well, one thing, so one nugget is mindset. So I don’t ask for money. I don’t beg, I don’t sell, I don’t chase. I educate people that I have some kind of relationship with, or I’m being introduced to I’m educating people all the time, what private money is and what self-directed IRAs are. Carol Joy and I’ve got right now about 46 individuals, private lenders, individuals, human beings that are investing in our deals, loaning us money that we moved from house to house to house. And so none of those 46 people, zero had ever even heard of private money. They didn’t know what private money was. So we put on our teacher hat and our servant hat. We teach these people what private money is and how it works.

Jay Conner (22:54):

We also teach them about how they can use retirement funds to invest with us. So how do you prepare to do that? What I can’t teach them about retirement funds unless I have got a relationship with a self-directed IRA company so that when I meet someone that’s got investment I’m over this got retirement funds and would like to get a higher rate of return safely and securely. I can introduce them to my connection at the self-directed IRA company, over half of mine and Carol Joy’s private lenders are investing with us by using their retirement funds. So where do you find these private lenders? Well, there’s 3, 4, 3, 3 care. This is a short show. So I’ll go from there’s. There’s three primary. Say my brain looks like works like yours. Wendy I’m talking in my brain is thinking of more stuff to say, but I got three categories of private lenders.

Jay Conner (24:03):

Where do you find them? Number one is what I call your warm market. I’ll define each one of these quickly, your warm market. The second place you find them is what I call your expanded warm market. And the third place you find them is the category called existing private lenders, individuals that are already loaning money out to real estate investors. Let me start with pile of money. Number one, warm market. Who’s your warm market? Well, your warm market are people that you got some kind of association with or in your cell phone. They’re on your email list. They’re on your Facebook friend list. And I don’t mean your fake Facebook friends. I mean people you actually love. I mean, I know y’all look who in the world is that anyway, your Facebook grands, your LinkedIn connections. And so those people I’ve got five steps in my recent book that I just released, that your son risers learned about in my recent book, where to get the money.

Jay Conner (25:06):

Now I teach in the book, the five steps, how to attract money without asking for it in your warm market. All right, that’s one category. Second category are expanding more and more market. You know, a lot of times my students will say, well, Jay, my warm market is broke. My people ain’t got enough money. Number one, I don’t believe them. Right? I believe they are intimidated to approach people because they still got that hat on chasing and begging. And they got a fear. Somebody is going to say no. So anyway, expanded warm market. So I teach people in the book as well. In the book, I teach people in the book how to grow your warm market very fast. I say the more money you all around, the more money sticks to you. So go to where the money is and where is it?

Jay Conner (26:01):

It’s in your backyard. It’s your community. It’s your rotary club at your church. It’s your chamber of commerce. It’s your business? Networking international. It’s your biz connect. It’s your Rhea. It’s all your social connections. So what do you do with those people? You educate them on what private money is. How do you do that? The book explains all that category. Number three, our existing private lenders. Where in the world do you find existing private lenders that are already loaning money out? I’m not talking about institutional money, such as Carolina capital. I’m talking about individuals are already my loaning money out, right? So where do you find them? Couple of different places. First of all, I hired my real estate. Attorney’s paralegal years ago to search local public records for individuals that had deeds of trust, mortgages, loaning money out on single-family houses here in my little teeny tiny area, we found one, one, I said, gotta be a better quicker way.

Jay Conner (27:11):

So we paid a lot of money, got some sophisticated software. And we created the private lender data fee that gets every individual closing of an individual that’s loan money on real estate in the nation. Every month we have vetted every month. You search by zip code and the data feed. Again, the book would give you access to it, but the other existing private lenders are back to the self-directed IRAs. My land, those self-direct and COVID has opened up. Thank the Lord. The, the self-directed IRA companies are now having in-person and zoom steel networking events. Well, 70% of those people, that’s got a self-directed IRA account, their clients that they’re loaning money to are real estate investors, right? So there’s back to your expanding your warm market, go to the self-directed IRA, networking events and network. And we don’t have time to talk about it in your show right now, but always lead with a give lead with a give. When you’re talking to people, how can you serve them? Don’t go to these networking events with gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme what value can you bring to people as you go to the networking event?

Wendy Sweet (28:33):

Jay, that’s awesome. Incredible information. That’s where I was going, Bill. I like that you showed the book. But how can people get in touch with you to learn about your mastermind, where you’re teaching people, how to do this?

Jay Conner (28:46):

Absolutely. The best way is just right to the book. The book will learn about my mastermind group and all that, but the book will get you started and you can get it at www. And so you pay 20 bucks on Amazon. The book is free when I give you this email or give you this URL. Jay Connor, J A Y C O N N E R .com forward slash Book that’s www.JayConner.com/Book. Just cover shipping and delivery for a couple of bucks, but the book is free. A lot of graphic for you and I’ll ship it right out to you.

Bill Fairman (29:24):


Wendy Sweet (29:25):

That’s awesome.

Bill Fairman (29:26):

I’ve got somebody texting me right now that is working on a fund and he’s saying, and he’s watching the show and he’s going, do you think this will work for me? And the answer is absolutely

Jay Conner (29:39):

Sir Bill, I’m glad you brought that up. Whether, whether you are a, you know, whether you’re looking to raise money, I call it one offs. So every, all of my private lenders are loaning us money on a deal and they get a mortgage or deed of trust, you know, securing that loan, buy that house. But if you’re raising money for a fund, same money, you just structured differently. Same money. I mean Bill and Wendy, it’s the same money you all have got coming in for Carolina Capital. You know?

Wendy Sweet (30:17):

That’s right. We actually one off, sorry, go ahead.

Bill Fairman (30:21):

Sorry, go ahead,

Wendy Sweet (30:21):

Go ahead, Bill.

Bill Fairman (30:22):

I was just going to say,

Wendy Sweet (30:22):

We actually raised 23, we raised $23 million of other people’s money and that we’re in self-directed IRAs before we had the fund. Go ahead, bill.

Bill Fairman (30:41):

Yeah. The only thing that’s different between being on the deed yourself or being in a fund is that you have no control over the deal when you’re in a fund. So you have to really trust that the manager knows what they’re doing and it’s got your best interest at heart. And then at the same time, you may not want to get as involved in some of these deals. So there are people that like the play the game and it’s great to do so. And then at the same time, if you’re not an incredibly good investor you have to do the individual loans. So there is a place in this lending world for all the parties. And it’s just a matter of how you like things structured or not. If you’re an engineer type, have to control every aspect of the deal. You’re not going to do very well on a fund because you’re going to drive yourself crazy and the fund manager. So continue to do the individual owners yourself. Okay. I’m done talking.

Wendy Sweet (31:48):

Awesome. Okay, you want to wrap it up?

Bill Fairman (31:51):

Okay. Jay, thank you so much for joining us. Folks, don’t forget to, Cherub, do me a favor. Put up Jay’s a URL again to get that book. There you go. And then you need to go to, put up the URL for the, for the book itself. Jayconner.com/Book. We will put that in the comment inside. There you go. Okay. Perfect. So Jay, thank you again so much for joining us. I miss you, I hope to get to see you soon. You and Carol Joy, you’re going to went back out in Scottsdale, perhaps?

Jay Conner (32:45):

Planning to go to Scottsdale in September

Bill Fairman (32:47):

Awesome. I’ll see you then. Temperature should be really nice and mild only in the low one hundreds.

Jay Conner (32:57):

Oh man. Well, Bill, it’s great to see you, Bill. It’s great to see you, Wendy and great to see you, Jonathan. Thank you so much for having me on. We love you guys.

Bill Fairman (33:05):

Right back at you, Jay!

Wendy Sweet (33:05):

Thank you!

Bill Fairman (33:07):

All right, folks. Thank you so much for joining us on the Real Rstate Investor Show Hard Money for Real Estate Investors. I am Bill Fairman and that was Wendy Sweet. Jonathan Davis. Don’t forget to like share subscribe, hit the bell. We are Carolina Capital Management. We are lenders in the Southeast for real estate investors. If you’re looking for a loan, then go through CarolinaHardMoney.com. Click on the apply now tab, if you are a passive investor looking for passive returns, Jonathan, you’re not looking at me. Hit the accredited investor tab. Don’t forget about Wednesday with Wendy being gives up or her time, uh, every Wednesday get on the link. Um, we have a show coming up at one o’clock hope to see you then have a great rest of your day. Thanks so much.

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