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Chandler George
Catchfire Coaching

In addition to treating patients over the last 22 years, Dr. George consults to many doctors throughout the United States on Cold Laser therapy and other biological treatments.

Dr. Chandler George also owned Med-Spa and used the internet as the driving force for all his businesses. He also co-wrote the “Productivity Path” and authored the “Internet & Social Media Marketing for Doctors” books.

Now Dr. George is considered the leading authority on Internet Marketing for Doctors and the Health and Beauty industry because he has done it!

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Yes. Speaking of feeling like teenagers, we have an excellent guest.

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He was a teenager himself.

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He may feel like one, because of his great products.

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That’s exactly right.

Bill Fairman (01:49):
So yeah, our guest is a good friend. We’ve known him for years.

Wendy Sweet (01:53):
Well, we like him. We don’t know how he feels about us now

Bill Fairman (01:58):
Chandler George, he is out of the Dallas Fort worth area and I’m just not going to explain all this because he is going to.

Wendy Sweet (02:06):
He’s a big boy. It feels good for a teenager, right?

Chandler George (02:13):
Yeah, no. I’m allowed to, I’m going for 22. and Bill, I have mental stuff to help you, just saying. It will hep you remembering that URL, okay?

Wendy Sweet (02:25):
That’s right.

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I think I’m just gonna have to change the URL, unfortunately somebody else already use that one.

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And Theresa saying next step you’ll be, what is that stream again? Tiktok!

Chandler George (02:40):
Yeah, that would be great. I love it.

Jonathan Davis (02:44):
And it’s only for the next 23 days.

Chandler George (02:48):
Maybe but guys, I love Periscope. I’ve been on Periscope ever since it came out, I guess, four years ago so you’re going to love Periscope. Somebody in Paris, France can be watching you so that’s awesome.

Wendy Sweet (02:57):
Really? That’s cool.

Chandler George (02:58):
Yeah, it’s pretty cool. All over the world.

Wendy Sweet (02:58):

Chandler George (03:03):
I didn’t know anyone did Periscope, so it’s good to see y’all come into the party.

Wendy Sweet (03:13):
Are we behind the times?

Jonathan Davis (03:13):

Bill Fairman (03:13):
I gotta call somebody with my bag phone.

Chandler George (03:18):
Hey, if you still have a bag phone, I can sell it on Amazon for a lot of money.

Wendy Sweet (03:21):
Yeah, you probably could.

Bill Fairman (03:21):
You know the Nokia flip phones?

Wendy Sweet (03:24):
Yeah, I still have the black one.

Bill Fairman (03:24):
I still have two of them. That said,

Wendy Sweet (03:24):
How you doin?

Chandler George (03:30):
I’m just doing good.

Bill Fairman (03:30):
Chandler is seriously entrepreneurial.

Wendy Sweet (03:34):
Yes, he is.

Bill Fairman (03:35):
As most folks know, doctors do not get business education. They get education in the field of their study,

Wendy Sweet (03:45):

Bill Fairman (03:45):

Bill Fairman (03:48):
And for some reason those colleges always leave off the business part of it and unless you’re, you know, in a big medical practice getting W2 income from a hospital, they all have to have their own private practices. So they kinda throw them to the wolves so to speak to handle all business themselves

Wendy Sweet (04:04):
And they’re highly paid professionals

Bill Fairman (04:07):
Chandler was an exception to that rule. He has,

Wendy Sweet (04:10):
He’s a weird one opened up

Bill Fairman (04:14):
Opened up a course in medical part too in Dallas area or in Texas, right?

Chandler George (04:20):
Yes, Safley. Yeah. So I come from about 10 different types of doctors in my family and some of them are even two doctors an MD, chiropractors or multiple.

Wendy Sweet (04:31):

Chandler George (04:31):
So I knew growing up, that’s what I wanted to do because frankly my mom and dad got to go home two hours every day and have sex and I, you know, I thought, I want that job, you know, my parents kind of made.

Wendy Sweet (04:44):
And it was with each other, right?

Chandler George (04:46):
Yeah, oh yeah.

Wendy Sweet (04:50):
Oh that’s good.

Chandler George (04:50):
We weren’t allowed to be in the house, we have to be gone in those two hours so, no I said, it’s pretty good, we get to call every year and work them out from the house and not have to go to a real job like their buddy up. And it was physical, I’m a little ADD so I, you know, I thought wrastling for a living, I was a chiropractor. I thought what it’d feel? All wrastling for a living? And so that’s kinda what I did a lot of and then I realized having all these docs in my family that I’m wanting to scale this. I didn’t want a hard cap as to what I could do or what was possible so we ended up with seven clinics, a couple of med spalls, the best mammography centers, three in medical doctors, a monitor surgery room, you name it. In 4,000 square feet out in Mineral Wells and another place in Weatherford and that the best mammography which was from Germany, respiratory thermography was in South Fort worth of Hulan street, frankly, I loved it. I loved the controlled chaos and orchestrating all of this but I made a fatal error, I still want it to be the doctor. My ego said uhh. I still want to be the doctor with all my other doctors and I should have been the CEO, you know, I should have been the CEO and not just try to be a doctor too but after we got past all of that, my wife said, you know what? Maybe you’ve had enough businesses. I had seven different ones and so at 42, because I would lose my health, I was fat and not syndrome, I was stressed out but didn’t know it. I was coaching for a national company for chiropractors and at the same time, I was running my practices and we didn’t have kids, right? So I was always working so I thought, you know what, you’re right. So I sold the, well, what we started doing is buying and selling practices. I started from scratch, I thought, well, that’s great, we can be successful but man, there’s gotta be a better way and that was buy them. But them up a little hair owned and, you know, like you would real estate and Polish it up and sell it. Well, first time was 10 years and five years, then three years and then the med spall we sold in 20 months during the first percent in 2006 to eight and made good profits in all of them and that’s where my money came from to do real estate investing is buying and turning these clinics and so the last one, I guess, was 15 years ago when I was 42 and been coaching and consulting ever since that time.

Bill Fairman (07:05):
So let me ask you a quick question about the bang of the chiropractic centers. Does the state law require you to be a doctor in order to buy those? Can you own them without being a doctor?

Chandler George (07:21):
Yes. The law usually changes depending on the state, you can in Texas and now I think I can even own a medical clinic without being a doctor but, you know, we have lawyers to get around all those things so when I had complete one with some medical centers, I had three MDs working for me full time and technically back in the nineties, you weren’t supposed to be able to own a medical clinic if you weren’t an MD so how do I do that? Well, it’s called having a lawyer and setting up all these different companies and I can do anything.

Wendy Sweet (07:53):
That’s awesome.

Bill Fairman (07:55):
They are good for something, aren’t they?

Chandler George (07:55):
Yeah, they are good for something. They’re really, really good and I learned a lot from you when you were speaking about funds earlier a couple months ago with all the lowering stuff and so I just love all that stuff. So yeah, it’s the job component sitting it up cause I didn’t want to be a lot in my appearance and my uncle or whatever and at 65 broken down, still practicing to make another dollar, you know, before you got out, I realized that buying and selling of these businesses was going to be the ticket out.

Jonathan Davis (08:22):
Even as a doctor, when you exchange hours for dollars, it doesn’t build your wealth, does it?

Chandler George (08:29):
No, it doesn’t. Here’s what it does do, which is important and this is why we’re getting back into health after 15 years, you change lives, you change lives. I’ve had many chances to, you know, even as a chiropractor because I was in a rural area to see people that shit were hardcore medical patients and change their life or save them or catch the cancer and send them to the MD or whatever it was cause we could have the exams, how the extra equipment and stuff and to witness, you know, for God, for people. So the fact that she could see a hundred patients a day and witness and change their lives, there’s not many professions you can have a profound difference in their life and still take home a quarter million at the age of 25, like I was doing so I was pretty blessed and I’m pretty happy with it and I would still like to do, you know, con Dr. Tom Burns, one day a week or two days a week of that along with the business coach and other stuff I do and the reason why is cause I missed no more hugs, I guess, because of the Corona but I miss the helping people and raising them up and sometimes it wasn’t a better treatment, Jon, when we were just smiling at them and giving them some energy, you know what I mean?

Jonathan Davis (09:39):

Wendy Sweet (09:39):
Yeah. You know, our accountant here in this office, her husband was going to a chiropractor and he discovered that he had cancer through his chiropractor and he’s cancer free today but it’s cause he caught it so early and it was from his chiropractor. I go to chiropractor every week and I think it’s, I love chiropractic, I just think it’s awesome. Nothing feels better than when you’re cracked up and in a good spot and your neck is good and you know, you’re just, it’s awesome! I’ve always told people that I love going to the chiropractor if I have a cold, especially because I’ll get cracked up and everything drains, It’s perfect!

Bill Fairman (10:22):
Yeah. I’m sure the chiropractor doesn’t like it.

Chandler George (10:25):
I try to keep the COVID to myself but

Chandler George (10:28):
People don’t realize that really chiropractors are PCPs, they’re the first line of defense before most MDs even see them. My brother’s an internal medical doctor and he had much rather me see him first before he ever sees them and so I see, especially if it’s a smaller town, you will see everything you’d think a traditional MD would see because it’s about keeping costs down and try to help them naturally before you get to the pharmaceuticals or the stuff that just patches people up, you know, try to get to the cause of it, if you will, and try to stop it before they have to do something more serious, like their traditional medical doctor, that’s the whole deal.

Wendy Sweet (10:59):
Right? And everything’s in your spine, right? I mean, that’s like the main circuit cord, you know?

Chandler George (11:07):
It is the circuit court, yeah.

Wendy Sweet (11:09):
if it’s not pinched and it’s in good shape then everything else should be running like it should be and it’s just amazing to me what you can learn. The thing that I’m always surprised at too is how, in my opinion, the really good chiropractors are also holistic.

Chandler George (11:28):

Wendy Sweet (11:31):
They, go ahead.

Chandler George (11:31):
Well, they practice what they preach. I mean, I remember some chiropractors that were fat and smoking and all this I’m thinking what in the world? Why are you getting this profession? It must have been for the butt because they used to make great money for doctors more than traditional MD back in the sixties and seventies and so I thought you got into it for the wrong reason so I want to see their holistic meaning, I was never vaccinated. I had smallpox is all I ever had as a kid and I never had a cavity, none of those things because of how my parents raised me in the chiropractic lifestyle and you know, I think you have a responsibility to practice what you preach. It’s kinda like a preacher up there and he didn’t believe what he’s saying, he’s just doing it, which some of the tele evangelist in the eighties did, you know, and I’m thinking it’s not congruent so you gotta have to practice what you preach and contractors in general, pretty good about doing that.

Wendy Sweet (12:19):
And how does that align with functional medicine?

Chandler George (12:22):
Well, that’s a whole different subset. We did a lot of functional medicine in my last practice in Dallas, in the early two thousands. Blood testing, saliva testing, hormone testing, more of a full body approach, not just going to the spine, you know, or the subluxation to treat but going to all kinds of different aspects to see, okay, how can we get rid of the parasites? Like gospel of Asia for Asia was down the street, a big missionary group in Carrollton and so they’d come back a parasites and so we were responsible for trying to help detox them and get rid of their parasites. That would be an example of functional medicine. In those cases, I didn’t exhale. I didn’t adjust their neck. I did something completely different or I even had paraprofessionals, I had staff that did that for me. So that’d be fine medicine.

Wendy Sweet (13:13):

Bill Fairman (13:14):
I want to step back just a second. You’re talking about buying distressed businesses as an investment because it really is close to what we do in real estate. We’re buying distressed homes, we’re buying distressed multifamily properties or self storage and you’re doing the same thing with businesses, they’re already set up and ready to go, they just needed to be tweaked and up in most cases.

Wendy Sweet (13:40):
Man, that’s right. Shave that hair off of him, as you put it.

Chandler George (13:45):
Yeah. And then my mom wouldn’t have electronics so I use a lot of hair analogies

Bill Fairman (13:53):
You also do that with Amazon businesses too, don’t you?

Chandler George (13:56):
Yes. I started work from scratch because you know, always wanna know how hard it is first. So MCT oil powder, my medicinal mushrooms, the age of synergy are on Amazon but yes, I’m looking to buy and sell businesses on Amazon consistently with brokers like Shopify stores and the same thing like that because that’s the easiest way to make the money and I have a cousin, very smart guy, Billy Beto, he’s got 10 different companies and he bought and sold them all. I don’t know if he started any from scratch and he does over a hundred million a year and they’re all online.

Wendy Sweet (14:31):
Wow. That is amazing. Okay. Let’s go back to that product real quick cause I just saw it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, the mushrooms, I have a packet of them getting reused but that MTC oil I’ve been, I had been doing, you know, drinking the M B, N T, M T C oil

Chandler George (14:46):
MCT, medium-chain triglycerides

Wendy Sweet (14:49):
Here’s my coffee but I’m telling you bothered my stomach every morning. It was like burned my stomach but one of the people that was telling me about this ageless that you have, it doesn’t do that.

Chandler George (15:01):
Well, I think it does. I think, I think it can.

Wendy Sweet (15:06):
It burns in stomach too?

Chandler George (15:06):
There’s a scoop in there and I never use a full scoop. I recommend everybody use a third, a third, a third.

Wendy Sweet (15:11):

Chandler George (15:12):
Especially as we get older, like my mother, I want her to use literally a fourth because it will upset people’s stomach as they build a tolerance to it, kind of going to altitude. So I don’t ever use a full scoop, I use about a third, so myself.

Wendy Sweet (15:26):
Awesome. And that’ll save me cost on it too, yeah.

Chandler George (15:30):
Yeah. 90 days instead of a month and your stomach will never get upset. Listen, you might not want 80 calories per scoop. You might just want 20, you know

Wendy Sweet (15:39):
Right, talk about the mushroom thing.

Chandler George (15:41):
Yeah. The medicinal mushrooms, there’s 10 basic medicinal mushrooms in this year because of COVID actually there’s four of them that have been recommended across the board for helping, you know, like zinc and vitamin C and then the Ford medicinal mushrooms and I have four of those in my PAC chair, which has six medicinal mushrooms and I won’t say them out cause nobody probably know what I’m talking about but one of those lines main, Bill because lines main helps with the brain, you know? So you remember your URL so you wanna take a lot. So there’s little scoop in here and you take two or three scoops a day and your tea or your coffee or on top of a shake or your casserole, it really doesn’t matter and it’ll last a month or two and it’s real affordable too and that was sort of the thing is how can we get something that’s been around for thousands of years, Chinese medicinal mushrooms and you know, keep them affordable where they can help people holistically, as you said,

Wendy Sweet (16:34):
And it doesn’t make you hallucinate, right?

Chandler George (16:36):

Wendy Sweet (16:36):
We talked about that earlier.

Chandler George (16:39):
No, if you hallucinate, that’s a whole different issue.

Bill Fairman (16:42):
My case is no more than usual.

Wendy Sweet (16:46):
I’m sure I left my keys here somewhere.

Chandler George (16:50):
You know, Bill, we have a hotline here to take you on as a patient, I can do some tests.

Wendy Sweet (16:57):
That’s right!

Bill Fairman (16:57):
So one of the things that we always talk about here on the show is the power of mastermind and I know you’re involved in several. You want to talk about your different mastermind groups that you’re involved in.

Chandler George (17:19):
Yeah. At the moment, I’m in a good success with Tom Molson’s group and then I’ve been in, I guess for six or seven years now running the platinum group, AB speeds, note school and I really liked that group as well but I’ve been in 35 different masterminds since I was 24 years old, right out of school. I saw that my parents and family didn’t have all the answers and practice and I had a young wife at the time going to med school so I needed to make some money fast. So I joined a mastermind and didn’t know what it was, they called it coaching group kind of thing but it changed my life. And so ever since then, I’m usually in two to three a year and and I rotate it. I usually stay three years and I’ll move on into something else and then I have my own masterminds, traditionally around business, Amazon practice management and marketing. My wife and I had internet marketing agency for quite a few years so I have a book out on internet marketing for doctors and healthcare business and things like that

Wendy Sweet (18:18):
I actually downloaded that book, I saw it on your link. It was really in depth about social social media marketing, It was very in depth.

Chandler George (18:31):
Well that was 12 years ago too so it was pretty cool at the time so whatever years ago in August, so we’ve done a lot in that space. There was a guy named Corey Retal who was a master internet marketer in the nineties. That’s where Dan Kennedy and all those guys got their start and they died in a Ferrari accident so his backup, Derek Gail took over of the internet marketing center in Victoria Canada and so those were my mentors and teachers. I remember buying something on the internet and this is awesome but I don’t know what HTML and code stuff is. I didn’t know what all the coding was because back then you had code but my new wife, Sherry did, she knew what coding was, she’s an it programmer, right? And the rest was history. I go, well, I’m doing this. If you came in the back in, I can sell it. We’re going to do it for our practices and businesses, which is frankly how we built Baltimore and sold them so quick cause we dominated the internet so that was the success, was domination of the internet. So it’s just like anything, you just gotta keep working on it to get it to stay real strong. Okay, and you worked for Corey, yeah, so you know how great Corey, Corrigan was, and Derek Gale but they couldn’t work in the United States anymore after they sold this, the wife wouldn’t allow it to happen. So you had to go to Malaysia or Asia but anyway, that’s where I got my start and we kind of took off from there and we were in the war room for several years with Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern and Roland Frasier and all those guys as well.

Wendy Sweet (19:59):
Wow. Frank Kern is pretty awesome.

Chandler George (20:01):
We’ve done a lot a lot of stuff. Yeah, oh yeah, he’s awesome and he’s hilarious.

Wendy Sweet (20:07):
Tell us a little bit about the coaching you were talking about, you know, the different, like you’re a health coach, but you also coach doctors on their businesses as well, right?

Chandler George (20:19):
Yeah. That’s primarily what I’ve been doing the last 15 years. I did it for that national management company and I liked it so much and go, you know what? I think I can do this myself. So it’s a combination of internet marketing or any type of marketing cause that’s actually what I excelled at in my practices was online and offline marketing and I love it. It’s a competitive game that I love and then practice management, right? Which is of course the easy way but on the marketing, you know, Amazon is one way doctors can market. I believe they all should have products, Amazon, Shopify and have back channels producing patients from another way, kinda like a med spa would produce patients who wanted chiropractic treatments from me but I charge four times as much as I did my actual real chiropractic clinic, seven miles down the road and it was all cash and it was because it was ahead of different perception, right? So it’s really about thinking out of the box. Right now, I have orthodontists and dentists and chiropractors primarily in my Amazon group but I’ll combine any of it look down veterinarians, I’ve had real estate brokers in mountain communities, I’ve had self storage owners, you name it. In terms of coaching groups, we’ve had note people, we’ve had them at our house doing masterminds cause it’s all the same. It’s all about going businesses and marketing. It’s just, if you’re in real estate, you’ve made more money from it if you know how to market correctly and the doctor world, you might make 50,000 more a year and you can sell it for a couple of hundred thousand more, you know but in the real estate world, I was looking at a self storage and I was going to be able to change the cap rate and it was going to be another $2.2 million I could make an 18 months. I thought, loving that marketing

Wendy Sweet (21:54):
Wow, that’s amazing and you know, it amazes me of at how many people aren’t interested in learning about internet marketing and I don’t think they understand the value that’s there and I think it’s because they don’t understand it so why not get a coach to, to really learn? The three of us are really starting to dive deep into the internet marketing field as well, changing our website and turning everything into videos rather than print and you know, we’re just doing everything we can as well. So how do you get in front of these people and show them what it should be like?

Chandler George (22:44):
Well, in terms of being out there and you have to practice what you preach. So like you guys get on Periscope, I’m on everything and I’ve been on everything for years, I’m usually one of the first own ethic, I got 4 YouTube channels and 500 videos. When you add them all up over the last 12 years, it’s just one place. I’m on Pinterest with 12 different boxes or something and first off, I do it myself and then we make sure a staff person or someone else can do it and as far as the doctors, we want to be sure it’s congruent with their message and what they’re thinking about doing and we used to do it for them, but now I actually just teach it and we help them choose the right people to put it into place for them and so that when they sell their business, they can do a lot more money because what people don’t know is whatever produces the new patients in your practice, a lot of times that business set that website or whatever is working another half a million dollars to your separate contract and so if you do it right, you can get paid twice. All those things matter in a huge way and so when we’re teaching it, it’s individual. I do one-to-one and we work on specifically in whatever they’re trying to do with their practice, some of them have multiple practices. If we’re doing it as a group, well, then obviously I’m teaching more evergreen principles and usually that’s going to be what their staff or whoever’s going to be in charge of it in general but I need the doctors or whoever writes the check, frankly, to understand, you know, the power of the marketing and then we just get people they trust because so many doctors have been taken advantage of by internet marketers who frankly didn’t know what was going on and charging them like $20,000 websites, you know, which hasn’t been done since you had to hand code and then just not doing the work, not sending the reports and then they didn’t know how to read the reports. Well, because I am a doctor but yet I’m on the internet marketing side. I can bridge that gap between the crap and the fake and what it really should be like with the doctor, right? I can be the bridge between the two.

Wendy Sweet (24:33):
Yeah. We actually were quoted by one company at a $30,000. That was the start between 30 and $60,000 for a website, it’s insane!

Chandler George (24:43):
Yeah and if I told you what I could do them for you to just follow her backwards and go way and it’s the same thing. Yeah. I’m like the coder, you know, so but they just rip people off. So, anyway, that’s one reason I got into it because I got really, really upset about it when we knew what was going on, even the coaching group I was speaking for, we’re using websites to hold the doctors captive. So they would stay longer in the coaching program and I just think that’s really unethical and wrong so I went about, you know, changing it and getting people educated.

Wendy Sweet (25:15):

Jonathan Davis (25:15):
That’s great.

Wendy Sweet (25:17):
So Chandler you’re like into like five bazillion different things and you definitely, uh, you definitely try a lot of different things, it’s amazing. So I’m sitting here wondering how on top of everything else, are you healthy and sane, mentally? Like just calm?

Bill Fairman (25:38):

Wendy Sweet (25:38):
Now, I know you’re grounded in the word. I know that’s a big thing for ya so how are you able to do it all?

Chandler George (25:49):
Well, we don’t have any children and my wife never had,

Wendy Sweet (25:58):
Well, there you go!

Jonathan Davis (25:58):
You want a couple of mine?

Chandler George (25:58):
We never had kids and then my wife was great, of course, you know, she’s always doing a lot of awesome stuff and, you know, she’s capable of helping me if I knead it or tying stuff together but she has her own thing and that’s in the world, she’s actually contractor. So I think all that matters, like you said, being grounded in the word and, taking time out. And when I was 42, I’m now 56, I got sick. I had metabolic syndrome, like I said, I had all these businesses and you thought laugh was great and I had a little cute red Mercedes convertible and all this, but I was sick and I finally had to step back and realize I had to get in shape and get my life back, or I was going to die younger or just be miserable like everybody else and so now it’s all about margins. I have a lot of margin in my, in my life and it’s intentional. I’ve had the downsize homes a few times but that’s okay, It still allows me to have the margin and with that margin, I can be in this room when my, you know, custom rode back training to Ziff a big app with a pick media room or back in this dark area back here, I’ve got my mountain bike, I can ride it or in the other room, I actually have a workout room and that’s just inside the house. And so it’s always about what do you do to keep up your energy and stay healthy so that then I can go to Colorado and do 97 miles and eight days and 10,000 vertical and still have fun.

Wendy Sweet (27:21):

Chandler George (27:22):
It creates creativity in your brain, God meant us to be creative. You can’t be creative if you’re stuck in the sludge, which might be, you know, my sinuses or whatever but if you move in like that, your brain is going to be moving too and that makes it a lot more fun to do business and stuff. I’m standing now,I mean, I don’t believe in sitting and doing interviews, you got to stand to create the energy.

Wendy Sweet (27:46):
I agree. Bill, he stands all day long in front of his computer.

Bill Fairman (27:50):
Except for now.

Chandler George (27:50):

Jonathan Davis (27:50):
But we’re not really sure how much creative energy there is.

Wendy Sweet (27:54):
We just know he’s still alive when he’s talking.

Chandler George (27:59):
That’s important, time to crash and post.

Bill Fairman (28:06):
So you’re going to be going after Mark Jackson and his iron man stuff next?

Chandler George (28:11):
You know what? He and I talked about it, I’ve done sprint triathlons in the past. In fact, I lost one to a young man named Lance Armstrong when I was in chiropractic college here, he was 15, I was 24. So we were going to do more later this year and Mark was going to help me with it and then COVID hit and I kind of decided, nah, I’ll just focus on my mountains and a long road bikes but I imagine our will, Bill.

Bill Fairman (28:37):
I was on a call with him and he said yeah, I have to go, I gotta get on my bike and I think he was gonna ride like 60 miles and part of that 60 miles, he was going up something like 6,000 feet in elevation and this is just your afternoon.

Chandler George (29:00):
It helps you to focus when you’re done, It’s easy. I don’t like to sit still, remember I was used to seeing a hundred patients a day, It helps you to sit still and to focus and get stuff done. If I don’t work out like that, I’m no good in the work world. I can’t actually sit still and focus, right?

Wendy Sweet (29:14):
Bill could really use that, you should get into the bike thing. He does boot camps all the time.

Chandler George (29:20):
Those who play.

Wendy Sweet (29:20):
Oh yeah, he’s sold out on a big time but he’s too old for that. What I made is he comes in every morning going oh, I can hardly move, I can hardly walk and he does them,

Bill Fairman (29:34):
But I keep going back.

Wendy Sweet (29:34):
He does. But he’s like What? Four or five times a week you do that. So I’m really impressed that he’s doing that, very proud of him but you should do the bike thing.

Bill Fairman (29:41):
I have a bike.

Wendy Sweet (29:41):
You just doesn’t go in it.

Chandler George (29:41):
I have a bike, I love it. It’s in the corner! [Inaudible]

Bill Fairman (29:50):
I’m gonna ask you one more Amazon question, I don’t want to get into your real estate investing. Are you finding with the issues between, the president and China with some tariff talk and moving stuff out of China? Are you seeing any issues with suppliers that you can utilize through the Amazon, you know, buying stuff wholesale through the suppliers, are you seeing anything opening up in other countries? You seeing prices going up? How’s that sound?

Wendy Sweet (30:26):
That’s a great question.

Chandler George (30:27):
Yeah. When everything first started locking down, you could not get your supplies from China. It was a very difficult and a lot of unscrupulous things were going on but in general, now China’s back up and running and you can still get your supplies but I do think there’s a backlash from people go, Oh, it came from China, it might not work right? So Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, they’re all stepping up to the plate and giving more products and supplies. They have gone up, they’ll build answer question, hey have gone up because they’re taking advantage of the fact when they see stuff like the mushrooms are the different things. Selling better, the suppliers have gone up as much as they can.

Bill Fairman (31:08):

Wendy Sweet (31:08):

Wendy Sweet (31:11):
They have to go back and reevaluate whether you keep doing that or not.

Bill Fairman (31:15):
Yeah, well you’re always looking at your margins and making sure that you’re still making money because you have other fees to pay, not just the suppliers.

Chandler George (31:21):
The marketing fees, right?

Bill Fairman (31:26):
So let’s talk about your real estate investing, what is it that you’re doing now and what is it that you like?

Chandler George (31:33):
I like self storage and we’ve got a self storage, I guess, six years ago, I love it and it’s the simplest easiest, best thing ever, especially if you have a couple of good managers like we do. There’s some sweet spots and I’ve had contracts on some others but I’d like to buy a second one but that’s not all I do. I buy and sell notes, REO houses. I’m just thinking investors, this year alone. I just this morning finished selling on a lease to purchase house, I have turnkey rentals. I’ve done active turnkey and I’ve been in, I guess, about 14 States, with real estate because I kind of figured once you learn and go to these masterminds at some point, then do any good, unless you start implementing and then that’s where the real learning happens, right? And see what’s going on and so I’ve learned a lot and then that time also wanted to know how could I you know, sell it or market it like I wanted to, at one time do the notes and just bond sell those but I wanted to do it in a big way and that was an interesting, interesting thing that we did. I’ll have to share with you there later on the funnel but ended up a lot of people weren’t going to help me but they would help somebody else but you don’t know again until you try, the turnkey real estate, I liked that a lot and hard money loans, always have a lot of hard money loans. So there’s not too much real estate, I’m not playing with. I looked at doing a fund, I had a good friend named risk clear six years ago, we were looking at setting up a fund and self storage and I almost was doing something similar to you guys but then decided I need the stress of handling other people’s money like that and we just kept it a little more simple for us.

Wendy Sweet (33:14):
That was probably a smart move,

Bill Fairman (33:17):
Yeah, look what it did to me.

Wendy Sweet (33:18):
Yeah, it won’t.

Chandler George (33:18):
Make you feel crazy, right?

Wendy Sweet (33:18):

Chandler George (33:23):
Yeah. To actually care about more their money than your own, you know, and doing the right thing and it’s hard for people to understand until you’re in that situation, you know,

Wendy Sweet (33:32):
That’s right, that’s exactly right.

Bill Fairman (33:34):
He’s surprised that you weren’t in the notes since you were part of any speech group there and so that makes sense that you’re doing some of your own, where’s your self storage located? What part of the country?

Chandler George (33:46):
It’s in Greenville, Texas. It’s right outside of Dallas.

Wendy Sweet (33:50):

Chandler George (33:52):
East five.

Wendy Sweet (33:54):
Chandler, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Chandler George (34:00):
I don’t want to be anything really. I just wanted to have fun and hang with fun people like you guys and I want to constantly be learning and implementing and trying new things and I think that’s what juices me. Someone says, do you ever want to quit? and I go, quit what? I’m not doing anything that’s work, It’s all kind of exciting and fun and I get paid along the way as well so I don’t, it used to, I would have said when I was young, I just want to be a doctor but I saw what it did to people’s health, I saw how the healthcare crumbled and all that and I realized we’re all meant for many careers so I’m willing to do anything you want. You know, if you’ve got a new career for me, Wendy, I’m all in, I’m all ears.

Wendy Sweet (34:41):
I’m so impressed and thrilled for you to see where you are and what you’re doing. It’s just, you know, that’s the way it should be, you should be excited about what you’re doing and where you are. I know so many people that are in, you know, in some sort of a business or in some sort of job, cause that’s what they call it, a job, that they’re so unhappy and they don’t even know where to turn to make the change, they’re at a fear, they don’t make that change out of fear. You know, we see that a lot in our business and, you know, in the lending business, I get a lot of calls from people who are, you know, fed up with the job and they’re just trying to take that first step to get out of the slavery that they feel like they’re in. Slave to their job and just unhappy and not spending time with their family and you know, all of that. I mean, you can fall into that same category as a real estate investor too, if you let it get away from you but that’s so awesome

Jonathan Davis (35:45):
You have to ask yourself, you know, it’s not really how much you want to make. It’s what kind of lifestyle do you want to have? And I think Dr. Chandler there, it’s the epitome of that. It’s about the lifestyle that you want, not necessarily how much money can you make.

Wendy Sweet (36:02):
Yeah and how big is your house? I mean, you already talked about downsizing twice and you still have a white room and a workout room and a place to store your bicycle at a really nice office.

Bill Fairman (36:12):
A rode by green and a mountain bike.

Wendy Sweet (36:14):
Yeah, in another house, I’m pretty sure.

Bill Fairman (36:16):
So the mountain bike, is it like tilted, up or down?

Chandler George (36:23):
The bike?

Bill Fairman (36:23):
The mountain bike, is it up or down?

Chandler George (36:23):
It’s always up. The only 10 that I have onto new businesses is I don’t want anything physical, bricks and mortar. I don’t want anything that ties me to liability or long longterm, anything. I want to be able to turn pivot span really quickly, which is really why I think I embraced the online to the online and I have for a long time, allows us to be anywhere. So even when we sold the last clinic, I had no desire to just keep buying and selling physical clinics because I knew that was going to leave me stuck to an area and in terms of real estate, that didn’t scare me at all to live in New Zealand and to have a self storage or somewhere in a Texas or whatever, because you put good people in place and you trust them and you just manage them with the stats like you did the practices and you know, get on the Horning auto-correct or whatever you gotta do with them every now and then and that’s really it and laugh is really good because a job is a job but so many businesses are slave jobs. If you can’t leave the definition, if you can’t leave for a month and forget about it completely and come back and do this as well, or better than when you left, then it’s really a slave job. You don’t really have a business

Wendy Sweet (37:32):
That’s right. And it doesn’t matter what your salary is, does it?

Chandler George (37:35):
No, no, it doesn’t. No, because all cause people make a lot of money but they spend a lot of money and then they lose a little money and then they get divorced, you know, all this stuff. Life happens and so, you know, it’s a journey and so at the end of the day, you better really enjoy it. Now I have to admit when I was in practice, there were times when it was a grind and I thought, Oh my gosh, I’m sicker than the patients and this sucks. I’m going to take an insurance, I hate insurance and it’s such a beat down for me and my staff in the backend so I had to go through all that and go, no more insurance, no more this, patient you coming in, you’re going to abuse my wife, I’m kicking your butt out. I had to learn to turn people away and keep my Walt Disney world.

Wendy Sweet (38:14):
I have three kids, 17, 18 and 19. So my youngest son, who’s still in high school, he’s about to graduate. He is like really smart and getting constant emails and phone calls and snail mail from colleges, wanting him to, you know, come to their college and he has absolutely no interest in going and he’s the one kid that would just get a full boat scholarship, like, ah, but anyway, he wants to be a hunting guide, he wants to have his own hunting ranch. He wants to turn it into a Christian hunting ranch so he can reach people for God and guide them, you know, while they’re out hunting. So he’s got it all planned in his money, he has no intention on going to college and my poor son is constantly hearing from my parents, his other grandparents, you know, everybody else who knows him, even his aunts and uncles are telling him, you know, you need to go to school, you need to go to school. And I’m saying, you know what, son, if that’s not in the cards for you, don’t worry about it. You need to do what you love.

Jonathan Davis (39:26):

Chandler George (39:27):
Yeah. And not wait till you’re older like some of us, like, you know, like I’m trying to get into the Christian campus association right now during all this because I want my agents to energy retreats in the mountains and all this like that on the snake river, that thing we did.

Wendy Sweet (39:42):
Awesome, yeah.

Chandler George (39:43):
It was, you know, a lot of experiences for people as part of our agents energy. I have an adult Zen coloring book, you know, that’s on Amazon of doing out of the box stuff. We use artificial intelligence, Bill, so we can know what you’re really doing on the backside, even if you don’t know what to with it, teasing here buddy, you know I love you. And as we’re flying all that out with genetics, you know, we’re doing DNA and genetics to see, you know, do you have the crazy gene or not? Should you work out or not? Should you take that supplement or not? And there’s some things I learned that I didn’t even know about my cell phone. Tying all that in together in somewhere beautiful and doing it the way you want is certainly my goal and has been an actually for 20 years when one LT Ziglar corporation, when he was alive was helping me put all this together but I was afraid when I was afraid, because I couldn’t count on the money, I didn’t know which way it was going to go and all this so I didn’t do it perfect but now that, you know, you reached a point where you’re just not afraid anymore because you’ve already been to it and what is people need the most, other than God, they need their health because without their help, we can’t build any wealth, they can’t work, they can’t do it, they can’t do anything and that creates so much energy that then people just come to them to do business, right?

Wendy Sweet (40:55):

Chandler George (40:57):
And doing business on a hocking trail out in the middle of nowhere and I can’t here in Dallas, Texas sitting in the computer trying.

Wendy Sweet (41:01):
Well said,

Bill Fairman (41:04):
We have a really good question from Laurie, she’s asking, does, do you think that self storage is getting over saturated? I have an answer I’m going to give as well since the question is for you, I’m going to let you answer it.

Wendy Sweet (41:20):
And you’re the guest.

Chandler George (41:21):
I think they’re overbuilt. I think in markets like Texas, their overbuilt, I don’t think they’re overbuilt everywhere but I think they’re overbuilt here and I think the typical two years to fill them up is now to be four, five, six, seven years at all so I mean, they know how to market but our world is growing, our population is growing and people always have more stuff so I think we’re going to grow to fill that up. I think anytime the whole world chases something like they are self storage now,you should run the other way and find something that everybody else isn’t doing.

Wendy Sweet (41:50):

Chandler George (41:51):
Rates are too compressed.

Wendy Sweet (41:52):
I agree

Bill Fairman (41:55):
I’m only going to add to this is that when you’re looking at a self storage property, you are looking for the people that are going to be in a three and a half to five mile radius of your facility to market to because the vast majority of people aren’t going to drive more than 10 minutes to go to a self storage. So just like in all real estate, real estate is local so you have to do your marketing and your due diligence within that three to five mile radius. Also the vast majority of self storage is not owned by the REITs. Uh, you’d be surprised that only about 20, 25% of all self storage are the big companies, it’s all mom and pops and we were just talking about internet and people not having good websites and how do people originally search for self storage? They put in self storage near me in the Google search. I’ve seen self storage that have no website that when you pull up on their address on Google, it doesn’t even point to where they are, their location is seven miles down the road on the Google map. So what Chandler uses for his internet marketing is also a great use for promoting your self storage space.

Wendy Sweet (43:18):
Any business.

Bill Fairman (43:18):
By just have to claiming your Google logo by having a good website.

Chandler George (43:24):
Let us give some tips on that. So yeah, the Google local, you’re talking the maps and you’re right, most of the storage is horrible. I got a good friend, that’s going to sell this probably for 5 million. It’s a creates those storage but he’s never gotten his maps right, he still didn’t have a website because it’s been too easy for people. They have no idea what it’s like to be on the dark side, where it’s hard and you’ve got to have all the internet. So back to the maps. So Google maps is one thing but Google maps is not the only thing did, you know, 49% of the market is zone Apple and more money is an Apple than on Google. So you’ve gotta be in Apple maps, which is Safari and then last of course is Bing. They all have their own little apps on your phone and they all have their own little maps and you need to be dominating search engine, optimizing all three of those, especially Apple apps who’re always on top.

Bill Fairman (44:11):
Yeah, I didn’t even think about that.

Wendy Sweet (44:12):
Okay. He broke up a little bit. So he said Apple maps,

Jonathan Davis (44:15):

Wendy Sweet (44:15):
Bing. That’s the one I missed .

Jonathan Davis (44:17):
And Google.

Wendy Sweet (44:17):
It was Bing, okay.

Jonathan Davis (44:19):
Being is Microsoft, yeah.

Wendy Sweet (44:20):

Bill Fairman (44:20):
And then you really must have automation where people can, get a lease, break from their phone, I think. Being able to pay their bill right on the phone so it needs to be automated and most of these mom and pops places aren’t doing that. I know I was looking at one where they were paying the grocery store next door, their rents and it’s because they didn’t have an office there and he just made a deal with the grocery store next door that people can come in and pay the rent at the grocery store.

Chandler George (44:52):
Yeah. It needs to be where you can sit in your car until Siri or whichever female voice you talk to for your phones. Hey, pay my cell storage bill or pay whatever and this needs to get done. Like my car, my Jeep. In fact, it knows my mom. And I say, call mom and it didn’t matter if it’s the app or which way knows who mom is, right? That’s how it has to be sort of payment, it has to be that simple because the people coming up, which aren’t much younger than us, that’s what they expect.

Bill Fairman (45:20):
So in answer to your question, Laurie, some places it is over saturated but it’s like anything, that’s a real estate, it’s all going to be local. Just make sure that, I mean, all you have to do is really Google self storage in your area and see what’s around you and the only people you’re going to be competing with are going to be the ones within 10 minutes so the facility that you’re looking at,

Chandler George (45:45):
Yeah. You do better in tertiary areas, you know, areas with small communities, 50,000 or less, that are at least two hours from a Metro. So that you’re outside the TV and broadcasting area, same thing of doctor offices. The further you can get away from the primary and secondary markets, the better off financially you’ll be.

Bill Fairman (46:01):
Yeah. And you know, if you think about this too, a lot of self storage’s inside of downtown areas because you have a lot of businesses and a lot of people that work there and they were trying to get close to where the people are. So guess what has happened since the shutdown, people are moving back out to the suburbs, they don’t want to be in the cities. So what are you going to do with self storage? That’s in the city?

Chandler George (46:24):
Well, you know, what needs to happen is all these RV parks have to have self storage because you don’t have crap an RV when you’re living there six to eight months of all of us, baby boomers and your toys, you know, RV parks and those things close to that need a lot of self storage.

Bill Fairman (46:41):
That’s a great, great point and if I have a fifth wheel, I can’t have a trailer attached to the back of that. So it’d be like a train going down the road, now everyone is hearing my crap, one wanted to have my home in,

Chandler George (46:56):
But you might keep your stuff up there until you go back to your lot or whatever, you know, for your round and pay the self storage just to have it there waiting on you.

Wendy Sweet (47:03):

Bill Fairman (47:05):
Great idea. We only have a few minutes, so I want to make sure I’ve got all your products and all your URLs and ways to people that can get ahold of you. So you have your catch fire coaching,

Chandler George (47:15):
Catch fire coaching, yeah.

Bill Fairman (47:16):
So that’s more for,

Chandler George (47:20):
That’s where businesses looking to scale, that’s for businesses looking to scale and grow and they want to go work with me one on one, as catchfireworking.com or growthhackingforyourbusiness.com, growthhackingforyourbusiness.com is also where Amazon is but if people come on as one to one client, I give them the Amazon. In other words, that’s just another business we can work on and it’s really whatever it takes for that particular individual in their business. I don’t hold anything back as to what needs to be done and then on the healthcare side, that’s agentssynergyhealth.com where you’ll see primary to just products. It’s just a basic site to be a placeholder really for Amazon but I was in a docu series on supplements back in February about Jeff Hays films and so I do know the website works and you can email me there and say, Hey, I’d like to potentially be a client or, you know, have 15 minutes of your time to see if we, you know, if there’s a fit for them being a patient or a client that I could help in terms of their health and focusing on precision health. In other words, people 50 and up, who’ve gone through hormonal difficulties, health difficulties, accidents, or whatever but they want to still live life to the fullest and there’s a lot of different things they need to do, whether it be their sleep, their hormones, the supplementation, when they eat, how they eat all these different things and with AI, we’re able to do that and I’m able to monitor it on the backside and change things around because of my past, I was a power lifter. I said all the state records in Texas and around the world as a team doctor for powerlifting as well for the past hungry and later invited to Prague. So I have experience in this and I’d love to help you if I can.

Wendy Sweet (48:59):
Awesome, that sounds terrific.

Bill Fairman (49:01):
So you had no issues with power lifting?

Chandler George (49:04):
Well, I had a messed up back herniated disc. This hand turns purple all the time, probably still is purple. So yeah, I do have back issues. It’s mostly neck issues from the 650 pounds that I was squatting in my back, Bill.

Wendy Sweet (49:19):
Oh my goodness.

Chandler George (49:25):
When I wear a backpack and I’m out hiking, first thing I do is I have a portable laser back here and I carry it with me to put on my neck.

Wendy Sweet (49:32):
Wow, amazing.

Bill Fairman (49:37):
Thank you so much for hanging with us.

Wendy Sweet (49:38):
Yeah, that’s just been awesome.

Wendy Sweet (49:40):
Yeah, you’re awesome.

Chandler George (49:41):
Thank you Jonathan, Wendy, Bill. Appreciate you guys, thanks for having me, this was fun. Thank you, Laurie.

Wendy Sweet (49:47):
That’s right.

Bill Fairman (49:49):
Folks, we’ll be here again next week. Don’t forget, like share, subscribe, what else?

Chandler George (49:56):
Well be sure I have everything so I can like share and subscribe and get you guys out of my channels.

Wendy Sweet (50:01):
Thank you, yeah, that sounds awesome.

Jonathan Davis (50:02):
Periscope it?

Wendy Sweet (50:02):
Yeah, periscope it now, right?

Bill Fairman (50:08):
So I’m going to get the website, correct this time. CarolinaHardMoney.com is the website. If you want further informations, click the borrower tab if you’re a borrower.

Wendy Sweet (50:12):
Yay, he did it.

Jonathan Davis (50:14):
He got him with those mushrooms.

Wendy Sweet (50:15):
Just regenerates energy, just energy from Chandler’s. What made you do that? That was awesome.

Bill Fairman (50:23):
And if you’re an investor looking for passive returns, clicking on the investor tab, it’s been a great show. Thanks again, Chandler. We’ll see you guys next week. Thank you so much.

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