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Financial Friends Network Cruise #24

Bill Fairman (00:04):

Hi everyone.

Wendy Sweet (00:05):


Bill Fairman (00:05):

Bill Fairman. Wendy sweet.

Wendy Sweet (00:09):

How are you doin?

Bill Fairman (00:09):

Say your name.

Wendy Sweet (00:09):

Your name.

Bill Fairman (00:11):

Carolina capital management. Well, we’re going to talk about the financial friends network cruises that are put on by Walter Walford and Quincy long. They’re awesome to go on. I’ve been on a few of them. I haven’t been on the last few. I am going on the next one. You know one of us actually has to work.

Wendy Sweet (00:35):

Yeah, and it’s not me.

Bill Fairman (00:36):

Wendy gets to go on these cruises.

Wendy Sweet (00:36):

I work on them.

Bill Fairman (00:41):

You guys just got back from this cruise in January and where’d you go?

Wendy Sweet (00:47):

We went to key West and Cozumel, but where we go is not the point when we go on these cruises. I really don’t care where we go. All the, there were two that really meant a lot to me. We went to Cuba last year, which was way cool. I loved Cuba and my ultimate favorite. Yeah. My ultimate favorite fact, we left Cuba one week later. They would not let cruise ships back in, so we must have really tore that town up. No. Anyway, we loved Cuba. I really loved going to Alaska. That was on my bucket list in a big way. And, and I took the family with me on that one. So it was absolutely in front of me. Not this family. My husband is the ones I’m supposed to see at night. So what’s so incredible about these cruises? Cause you’re thinking, Hey you get on a cruise, how much can you do?

Wendy Sweet (01:38):

But we have, when we get on these financial friends network cruises, we get on there and there’ll be anywhere from 150 to 300 investors from all over the country that are in every type of real estate investing that you can possibly imagine. There are note buyers, John higher Eddie speed. Larry Goings has been on it. Mary Hart, David Phelps has been on it at several of them actually. They have Bob’s at Meyer, Jim Ingersoll just really, and I know I’m leaving some incredible and Jeff Watson, there’s just an amazing amount of people that go on these cruises that are just so full of knowledge. So not only are you getting to get on this cruise and listen to them speak because we have the conference rooms the whole time that we’re at sea, we’re in a meeting and everybody gets, you know, a 20 or 30 minute timeframe for you to get up and talk about if you’re a speaker of course.

Wendy Sweet (02:43):

And to get up and talk about the type of real estate that you’re doing. They have a deal board, there’s a whole wall where everybody’s putting deals up that they’re trying to buy and sell and things they want to learn. And it just covers the whole wall. And then we end it with an auction, a silent auction at the end. We’re raising money for any particular charity that, that someone has picked out. Usually at the, it’s something that Quincy has picked out, but it’s, the knowledge is just amazing. So, so you get to hear him speak, but you also get to sit in the hot tub with them. Right. And have dinner across the table.

Bill Fairman (03:17):

I don’t know if I want to sit in the hot tub. So I was going to mention that Wendy and I are constantly talking about the mastermind group and being on board with all these different investors and doing their presentation on what’s working in their market and the little niches that they’re doing. Again, it’s like your insurance policy because these people are from all over the country, right? And they have their own little macro economic region that they’re dealing with and learn about what’s going on everywhere. You know, this industry is constantly evolving and changing. So if you find yourself in a position where you can’t invest the time and, or the money to be a part of ongoing mastermind group, this is a great way to do something similar.

Wendy Sweet (04:03):

It is, and you know what’s really cool about it too, as you know, it’s not free to go on a cruise. We have to pay to go on the cruise. And so, so people that are on the cruise in this investing group, they’re not tire kickers. They’re people who are really moving and shaking. They’re doing what it is you’re supposed to do, hopefully supposed to do. You’re getting to know these people. So now you’re meeting people that you know, like and trust people that that you can do business with. I mean we started lending outside the Carolinas originally to people that we know from these cruises that we’ve really gotten to know. We started a women’s mastermind out of these cruises. There’s just so much information. You know, Walter Wofford puts on an incredible amount of seminars about small dollar IRAs, learning about a trust, the short term vacation rental market.

Wendy Sweet (04:54):

There’s just every kind of investing you can imagine. You can learn from all the people that are on this cruise and you know, the same people don’t go every time, although I do at every given opportunity but set. So you’re meeting new people, you’re expanding your horizons. It’s just incredible what you can learn on this. And what I really, really love about it, cause we’re in this conference room for two to three full days from nine o’clock in the morning till five o’clock in the afternoon, we’ll break for lunch and dinner and then even after dinner we go back down to the conference room. And there might be some sort of a round table discussion or a panel discussion, something that’s a little bit out of the box. So it’s a little more informal

Bill Fairman (05:41):

and that part is when you’re at sea, when you get to your ports of call, they don’t have any of that.

Wendy Sweet (05:46):

And I do have to say sometimes there’s a little liquor involved so it gets pretty deep, but it’s just, it’s just a great, great opportunity. Get to learn as much as you can and meet as many people in this business that you’re doing. I come back with golden nuggets every time I go. What I love the most about this though is that that we record all of these presentations and right now I know there are over 230 recordings from all of the different trips that we’ve been on and and Walter has that for sale now for 200 no, no, no, no. It’s a $100 or 99, 97 or something like that.

Bill Fairman (06:31):

$97 for limited time till the new videos are rendered. You can buy those videos from just the cruise for $47, $97 for all of the videos that they’ve done for the past 10 years.

Wendy Sweet (06:47):

That’s exactly right! And it’s amazing. And we actually will have, have a link on the screen that you can go to to in order to get that

Bill Fairman (06:56):

The early bird link, once the videos have been rendered from the most recent cruise, the price will go,

Wendy Sweet (07:00):

yeah, it will, and it’ll take them a few weeks to do that. But I know there’s a website called that you can go to to, to get these videos. You can also go to and Walter Wofford is spelled Walter W A L T E R W O F F O R D.Com at that same website at the You can also sign up to be included in the financial friends network and let me tell you how much that costs. Zero! It costs nothing. It’s, and there’s, I don’t know, 3,500 people that are signed up to it right now. There. We talk to each other on a regular basis. They’re throwing deals up on the screen all the time. You know, if you’re buying a house in Jackson, Mississippi, and you need boots on the ground to go take a look at it, there’s somebody there that’ll do that for you. It’s just a great way to do business in a group with people that you know, like, and trust.

Bill Fairman (08:08):

Yeah, and you can come back with some great relations.

Wendy Sweet (08:11):

That’s exactly right. So again, to sign up, you just go to the wonderful world of wide web, which is you can also check out

Bill Fairman (08:26):

and we’ll, we’ll have a link at the bottom of the,

Speaker 2 (08:30):

the screen here or there. There might be up there. We don’t know. So,

Bill Fairman (08:36):

Anyway, thanks for doing this.

Wendy Sweet (08:36):

Thank you!

Bill Fairman (08:37):

Awesome. I don’t have a tan cheetah.

Wendy Sweet (08:39):

Come Cruisin!

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