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Wendy Sweet Cruise Lesson #25

Bill Fairman (00:04):

Hi everyone. It’s bill Fairman and Wendy sweet, at Carolina capital management. One of the things that I envy the most is Wendy’s availability on take a cruise. We do, I envy that to my associate. She was just recently on the financial friends network cruise that went through key West and then the Cozumel, a five day cruise and then back to Fort Lauderdale I think were went out. No,Miami. That’s Miami. Okay. So I got to spend a long weekend in Miami too. Excellent. I sold that in at the last minute. What were some of the, uh, key takeaways you got from some of the presenters?

Wendy Sweet (00:41):

You know, there’s so many that I could probably sit for hours and talk about it. So that’s why I would recommend that you buy the videos if you get a chance to, cause I’m telling you, they’re so incredible. But you know, as a lender, I’m always impressed at what other lenders will do. And there’s this one guy out of Jackson, Mississippi. His name’s Randy. He’s incredible with all that he’s doing. He’s been in the business longer than us actually. And he does what I look at as a small time mom and pop type lending. He gets between 18 to 35% return on his money. That’s interest rate on as many some cases even, it’s even getting more than that. But the thing that he’s doing several different things, but the one thing that really stood out in my mind, and this is good too, if you have small dollar IRA money you’re trying to lend out, but he is known in the area to all the investors that own multiple properties, like five or more investment properties that he will pay their taxes for them.

Wendy Sweet (01:39):

So he lends the tax, property tax money at the end of every year that you know it’s doing or the beginning of the next year. I get this, it’s really due in January. So they all know that if they’re short, you know, $10,000 $20,000 whatever it’s taken to pay those taxes, that he’ll lend them that money at 18% and he allows them to pay it over 12 months. So at the end of the 12 months when it’s paid off, their taxes are due again. And guess what happens? They come back to, he gets to do that again. So if the, if they don’t pay, that’s like the best thing that could happen for him because then he gets to foreclose on the properties because he’s got that lane for the taxes that now he did say that he tries to look for people that have multiple properties and that at least half of them are paid, like paid in full. Like there’s no mortgage on them. That’s the kind of deal he’s looking for. If there’s a mortgage in front of some of the other ones, he can still pay off that mortgage and take it back. He’s still gonna get it at, at whatever that mortgage is on it, which if it’s a good investor, it’s going to be much lower than what the property is worth. So I thought that was pretty cool.

Bill Fairman (02:47):

Nice. Well I was going to ask, is it depend on the state? I mean, is he actually buying, he’s not really buying a tax lien, not

Wendy Sweet (02:54):

buying a tax lien. He is paying the taxes for the investor and he a note on that.

Bill Fairman (03:00):

Okay, cool. That’s way cool. So, uh, any other presentations that stuck out in your mind? Absolutely! That was awesome. Thank you. I’m really excited about.. How can people get to a chance to see some of these videos and action.

Wendy Sweet (03:15):

Absolutely. You need to go to Wendydeals.com or you can go to Walterwofford.com and that’s Walter W A L T E R Wofford is W O F F O R d.com. And with his link you can actually join the financial friends network as well.

Bill Fairman (03:36):

And by the way, Wendy would love you to use wendydeals.com because she can pay for that extra lunch she needed affiliate income that she will receive from it. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you any more or any less, unfortunately, wherever you purchase the videos for. That’s right. That’s right. But for full disclosure, she is getting a little taste.

Wendy Sweet (04:01):

Well and I need to say this to any money that we make off of that, that we get off of that affiliate link will be donated to the work that we’re doing in Africa.

Bill Fairman (04:10):

Excellent. So what about the cruise can other people get on?

Wendy Sweet (04:15):

Absolutely. That’s where you need to go to Walterwofford.com and you can learn about financial friends network and you’ll learn about the cruises at that time too.

Bill Fairman (04:24):

And by the way, the next one coming up is going to be where?

Wendy Sweet (04:28):

um, let me think. Is this with the one in New Zealand? Yes. Wee, this is in January.

Bill Fairman (04:33):

January of 2021. Right. The next cruise is going to New Zealand. You got to pay for your own airfare. Yeah. Yeah. Tell all your friends. But that one will be really good. 10 day trip. Awesome. Alright, thanks. Go. Thanks.

Wendy Sweet (04:57):

Hi. If you really liked this show, what you can do is you can check out some of our other shows that might or might not pertain to it. You can check up there. You can check over here. You can check down here, check it out. Don’t be afraid to like us, right? Subscribe. Do that to subscribe for our page and hit like

Wendy Sweet (05:18):

we’d love to have you do that. Thanks.

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