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Wendy Sweet Cruise Lesson No. 2 – #26

Bill Fairman (00:04):

Hi everyone. Bill Fairman, Wendy sweet with Carolina capital management and I’m sitting right next to the tanned one because she just returned from the financial friends network. Cruise. I know there’s lots of presentations that you get to see and be a part of.

Wendy Sweet (00:19):

Well there are, there are.

Bill Fairman (00:21):

So, give me one that, kind of stuck out.

Wendy Sweet (00:25):

Well, you know, there’s so many, it’s hard to kind of come up with one and what comes to mind is one that didn’t happen on this past trip. It happened on a distant trip, just a few trips back, but yeah, and distant trip. Oh yeah. Great break. Play on woods. I think we’re talking about time, but one of the things I can think of that really stood out in my mind is this, just the cutest girl ever, her name is Laurie. Laurie Eubanks, and hopefully some of you even actually know her, but she’s out of Virginia and she’s one of these people that just has a great persona about her. She just seemed so sweet and innocent and just has this really nice voice. And let me tell you, this chick is a bulldog. She has gone out there and just absolutely changed her world because she’s not afraid, you know, she’s not afraid to do anything. And in fact they say if you’re afraid then do it scared. Right.

Bill Fairman (01:24):

Okay. Let me interject here. Obviously we’re not politically correct on our show. What did I say? She said girl and chick. Alright. Back to the show!

Wendy Sweet (01:35):

I think it just shows my age. She is a girl and she’s a chick. But anyway, it is really, really incredible what she has done. She had the JOB and wanted to get into holding property. So our first couple of properties that she bought, she was able to purchase and they’re buying hold. She was trying to get her rental income built up so she was able to purchase those with seller financing. That was the key. So on her like third or fourth property that she decided she was going to buy, it was a package. It was, she’s finding these property owners that are burned out and they don’t want to have properties anymore. And so the best way for you to buy anything is the terms that you’re buying them. So seller financing of course, is the best

Bill Fairman (02:25):

They like Phantom income cause that they were doing. They just don’t want to

Wendy Sweet (02:27):

They don’t want the headache. That’s exactly right. So she came in with the solution, she was solution looking for a problem and she found it and it’s these people wanting to not have to deal with the toilets, trash and tenants. And she was willing to do that. So she stepped up. She allowed them to sell or finance it for her with a small down payment. In fact, in some cases she’s buying them with no down payment at all. So they’re still getting the monthly income. But now it’s income from interest. And she’s buying those properties there. They already have tenants in them, they’re ready to go. So in some cases she may improve a property, but in most cases she’s just taken over the properties as a landlord and improving that relationship, that kind of thing. Right. So she had this point, she of course, quit her JOB.

Wendy Sweet (03:16):

I mean and just, it’s just been about two years, she’s been able to completely quit her job and she has over 60 units now because everyone she buys is a group of units. I’m like, that is so incredibly cool. How does she find these burned out landlord? Well that’s a great question because she actually, she has people that are searching for them and she has a criteria so they know what to look for. And when people find these deals for her, she pays them a little bit of money. So she’s talking to other real estate agents. You know a great way to do it is to sit outside the courthouse when they’re having eviction court. Cause you got a lot of landlords that are done,

Bill Fairman (03:58):

Well,you know, you can actually sit in, in landlord court.

Wendy Sweet (04:01):

That’s right. And you can tell by the looks on their face that they’re finished. That’s exactly right. So I mean what a great way to find that. So she’s got people out there that are locating properties for that are now considered part of her team. She’s not paying them W2. It’s not that they’re part of their team because they work together. When that wholesaler finds a group of properties, they know that if they can get seller financing for it, that Lori’s the one that’s going to buy them. So we’ll see a presenter on on the trip she was and it was, you know like two years ago. Excellent. She’s also in a women’s mastermind that involved from that trip. We put it together. There’s 2025 women that go out every six to four to six months. We do that.

Bill Fairman (04:48):

So with someone was wanting to get her video and maybe the most recent ones as well.

Wendy Sweet (04:54):

Oh, that’s a great idea. So you can buy the videos. There’s over 230 of them that are available for $97 or $99 you can buy the whole kit and caboodle from all of the presentations back and if you’ll remember, they’re on self storage space. It’s on commercial property, multi-tenanted stuff, people that are buying and selling notes. There’s just every kind of real estate imaginable.

Bill Fairman (05:24):

I have almost every video they have. I didn’t buy any of the whole group because I don’t need the whole group. I already have the group

Wendy Sweet (05:32):


Bill Fairman (05:32):

I just need to buy what’s recent. Because I do a, I do a local meetup group once a month in my office and if I don’t have a live speaker, I’m going to show one of the videos

Wendy Sweet (05:37):

A dead speaker.

Bill Fairman (05:43):

But, you know they compliment our meetup meetings and then I can follow up and give them additional explanations when I can, but they’re, they’re great educational.

Wendy Sweet (05:53):

They really, really are.

Bill Fairman (05:54):

Wendy has a link where you can buy the videos. Do you want to give it?

Wendy Sweet (05:59):

Yup. It’s called Wendydeals.com Wendy, that’s W E N D Y,

Bill Fairman (06:05):

wendydeals.com if you’re considering going on one of the cruises, you should go to

Wendy Sweet (06:10):

to Walterwofford.com this is with financial friends network. It’s Walter Wofford and Quincy long with quest that have put this whole event together.

Bill Fairman (06:22):

They have all these places they want to go to on their bucket list and they like to vacation and take cruises. They thought what better way to be able to go on trips when we can get someone else to pay for it. So they put this group together and it’s worked out very well.

Wendy Sweet (06:39):

That’s exactly right. And you have an opportunity to be a part of it. You can come on the cruise with us, but if you can’t come on the cruise then absolutely you can get a copy of all the videos.

Bill Fairman (06:48):

And really it’s the cost of what a normal cruise would be. And it’s usually we get a little bit of a discount, right. A little bit, but it’s not, it’s basically a cruise cost plus a couple of hundred bucks.

Wendy Sweet (07:01):

Right. I think it’s, yeah, like 250 to be part of the group. And in addition to that, which is chump change actually with what you get, it’s just unbelievable.

Bill Fairman (07:10):

And I think next year or they’re going to New Zealand, so this cruise is going to be a little bit longer, but there’s a lot more sites to see. That’s right. That’s right. You go see the Hobbit. Where they filmed it.

Wendy Sweet (07:25):

That’s true. You sure can. There’s all, there’ll be all kinds of things we can view while we’re there. But you know, breaking bread across the table with these people sitting in the hot tub with them. Like you said, you might not want to sit in the hot tub with everybody that you know there, but it is just a great opportunity to really get to know, like, and trust people that you can do business with. So that opportunity is just incredible. But his website is Walterwofford.com and that’s Walter W A L T E R Wofford, W O F F O R D.com.

Bill Fairman (07:58):

Excellent. Please sign up if you like worst case scenario by the videos, you’re going to get a ton of education for them. And really 97 bucks, can’t beat that with a stick, and it’s 47 just for the one set. It’s almost 10 years worth of cruises. It is. Now granted 10 years ago, there’s some stuff that has changed and it’s probably back like that again. But there’s, cause it always comes around doesn’t it? That’s true. What used to work doesn’t work and what works now doesn’t work either because now it’s the old way. So it is cyclical. That’s the word. Big word. I get points or $5 words. All right. Thanks for joining us. Take care.

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