When Challenges Go Hand In Hand With Successes

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When Challenges Go Hand In Hand With Successes

It may sound contradictory, but a company’s greatest successes are oftentimes borne out of its most difficult challenges. 

Sharing experiences and war stories with others can be a great, fun way to get to know someone better, just as how our young children are eager to tell us about their day at school. They share the challenges they faced throughout the day and how they chose to overcome those challenges.

Listening to their stories helps us as parents to better understand the developing personality of our growing children. We begin to learn what coping mechanisms they are using, we start to see the way their little minds figure out different situations, and most importantly, we help guide them as they grow into strong, confident, caring young adults.

Understanding companies, employees, friends, and acquaintances is no different.

Listening to learn, and not to react or respond right away, is how we can better understand the most important people in our lives.

Have you ever had an opinion of someone that completely changed once you took the time to listen to their life story? 

It’s much easier to understand someone else’s opinions when you’ve taken the time to put yourself in their shoes.  We all have our own journey, our own life story, filled with both good and bad that have shaped our lives and the way we perceive the world.

We are a company that is founded upon relationships.  We are a company that takes into account the stories of each client, seller, and collaborator we come across with.

Sure, we lend money and go through the typical motions of checking credit, background, and bank statements… but we are most interested in hearing about the challenges our clients have faced, what they did to overcome them, and what they learned from them above all.

Likewise, we also take pride and joy in sharing our own story.  Bill and I both survived the “crash” of 2008. Let me tell ya, that was no cake walk.

The crash of 2008 is what inspired me to go to Seminary, and I am so grateful for having had that experience.

Bill thought it would be a good idea to spend a lot of time alone on the road to sort through his thoughts so he started driving an 18-wheeler. Those long hauls afforded him the opportunity to regroup and work on his relationship with God.

Since then we’ve endured many challenges within our company and we’ve overcome them all with greater strength, a healthier skepticism, and better decision-making skills.

It’s important for us to share these challenges with others because not only do we want to help  someone else avoid “stepping in the same stuff we did,” we also want them to understand our character as individuals and a company as a whole, so we can deepen our relationships and make them last through the years.

Share it all. The successes and the messes.

People will not only respect you, but they may just learn from you as well.

Oh, and if you ever want to hear a doozy about my brother… Just say the word!

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